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    Ok, so nt for lack of trying...I couldn't find my old thread on the dentist...and yes i used the search option, it just hates me. I sit here today, on "Vacation" form work, face looking suspiciously like a chipmunk has stuffed my cheeks with nuts. why? Because after a whole fiasco with y...
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    I want to know.....

    ...Where the names for each of the Provinces and Territories come from. As a Maritimer, i have my region down, and hubby is from Nunavut, so I have it covered too. British Colombia is pretty easy to figure out as well, but as for these other crazy names, I need a little help. Fill me in folks
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    Haggis's Delight...the Pyjama thread

    I used to collect Teddy Bear pyjamas, 1 peice flannel ones. I'm thinner than I was in high school, so I can still wear them. I have yet to get my ultimate pyjama piece flannels with the Butt-flap, I REALLY want a pair
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    I think we're alone

    They're a few people spying on us Haggis, otherwise the floor is ours...shall we dance?
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    Help! Someone take them away!!!!

    My tongue is pink my teeth feel gritty and my stomach is roiling. And yet.....I continue to munch on these fricking cinnamon hearts at my desk *grumble* stupid Valentines day Candy.... Someone take them before I explode
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    Can Someone Please Tell Me....?

    It's been a hectic week for me and I have yet to hear if the groundhog saw his shadow.... Can someone please enlighten me?
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    Holy Cow

    Let's cover some background here. I am afraid of the dentist...scratch afraid, I'm terrified of the dentist, for a whole mulitiude of reasons. Not the least of which is I have soft teeth, no matter what I do, i get cavities, and Had a denist that used to yell at me saying that I didn't take...
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    Happy New Year All

    So...once again, I have gone into hiding, and I'm not worthy of being PM'd with the other board. I have been occupied, promotion at work, no time online etc.... much training to do. i just want to wish all a Happy New Year, and say that I miss you all. We had a wonderful Christmas with our...
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    Did You Miss me?

    I've been in hiding, or just so dang busy at work! I couldn't get near this place. I should be able to start haunting everyone again though. Hope I haven't made anyone cry by not stopping to say hello.
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    Do Jellyfish Have nerve endings

    So Greta and I were debating this last night and we would like to take a poll. Do you think that Jellyfish feel it if they (the clear moon ones) are tossed like frisbee, or if it would be terribly cruel, for scientific~ish purposes, a gaggle of the purple ones were shoved into a microwave. What...
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    Favorite Snacks

    Everybody has their guilty snacking pleasures. Me, I like my homaede milk chocolate and caramel cookies...I should nominate them for the national buiscuit...great for dunking. What about the rest of you?
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    I'm confused

    Allright folks, can a girl get a little help? I'm scheduled to work until 2am, BUT, at 2am our clocks go back an hour for daylight savings time. My boss has left no instructions, so am I here until 3 (technically 2), or do I leave at 2, what could be seen by some as leaving an hour early...
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    What would you do?

    The current lottery here in Canada is for 40 million dollars.... What would you do with that kind of money? I'd build my dream house, get rid of my deamon van, pay off my student loans, and my parents loans, in-laws mortgage, set up trust funds for my kids... and give to the humane society...
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    Heeerrrreee Comes Wilma!

    The sky is darkening, you can smell the moisture in the air.The wind is increasing, and the damp cold penetrates your clothes to settle in your bones... The Bible-thumping grannies are pulling out canes, ready to beat each other over the best looking bread at teh grocery store, and the weather...
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    Yes this made the News!

    I thought that this would be interesting to Cosmo... I can't find the article yet...but Mariah Carey is just fuming at an airline because they would not let her puppy, a Jack Russell terrier named Jack (now that's original), fly first class with her. Apparently the little squirt was too big...
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    Happy Belated Birthday no1important...some1important!!!!

    Well, we're not family... but we still care! Happy Happy Birthday...a day late! :occasion4: :occasion6: :occasion9: :occasion7: :occasion2:
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    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: I am having a hell of a battle with my ex husband right now ( word to the wise: divorce is not fun, nor quick, nor cheap....choose your life partner with care, I learned this for the second time around.) Well, they...
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    Wow!!! What a month!

    Christmas doesn't hold a candle tos this September for me folks....It's almost over though. Mr. Manda turned 31 on the 1st of September :love4: Oldest and Middle baby Manda's returned to School (grade 4 and Kindergarten) on the 6th of September 8O The baby of baby Manda's turned 4 on the...
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    A Canadians Plea

    Hi guys. I have sent this letter into my local paper, but I would like to post it here, in hopes that others pass it on.....let us all take a stand and give voice to the rapidly developing country wide crisis. Food prices are going to increase, clothing, everything! All because these companies...
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    Jo Canadians Birthday

    Alright Everybody! One of our nearest and dearest members; Jo Canadian, is celebrating his birthday on Thursday Sept 1st... Let us celebrate and send him out some birthday wishes for him (I'm sure there are some great cartoons we can find to pay tribute! :wink: ). I'll start :occasion4...