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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    Now that western Canada is taken care of or did he spend some time visiting with Mom. Appears that the minimum 5 week election campaign might be a few weeks to long for someone with nothing to say except "Aww, c'mon already" Maybe O'Toole has a shot. Doing nothing would be a good strategy and...
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    Trudeau dissolves Parliament

    Thought it deserved it's own thread. I would love to see this whole thing blow up in his face and the liberals lose. Doesn't matter to me who wins as long as it is not him. Hate to think 4 years from now we will be talking about how the west should have more regional and autonomous...
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    Tulsa Race Riot

    Wasn't able to find a thread on the topic. Like many, I did not know. A modern day coverup. Some people went to hell over that one.
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    F150 Lighting EV vs Tesla

    Wonder what Elon Musk thought of the frunk? Never mind the other stuff.
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    Vegas odds not betting on a fair trial for the journalist that they diverted the plane to land in Belarus in order to arrest. Sad that he is only 26 years old.
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    Census 2021

    Surprised me by including me in the short census despite my low income level. Ten questions about which language I use. One takeaway from Bill Gates divorce was the comment that divorce was not something to waste money on. Language debates should be another. Also made me wonder about ASL and...
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    Tokyo Olympics

    3 months to the opening ceremonies. Should Canada go?
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    Retired general Jonathan Vance thought he was 'untouchable,'

    Just another day when Canada's top military "soldier" is revealed as a dirt bag sexual predator and people don't even blink. Hopefully this does not affect his pension. Getting to be a fairly long list of these people.
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    Loan Depot Park

    New home of the Miami Marlins. Why not?
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    Money vs Time

    Hearing talk American think tanks are now saying time is more important than money. Beautifully equal in that there are 24 hours in a day.
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    Olivier Dassault

    Dead in a helicopter crash.
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    2021 Iditarod

    Starts in willow, ends in Willow. Circles down past Iditarod from the northern route to come back on the southern route I believe. 816 total miles so more than just a stroll in the park. Sunday blastoff. Hoping for good conditions and a fun race.
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    KODI 19

    Saw Nick Danger on another board discussing Kodi 19 and wondered how he is making out with finding programing. I did a similar upgrade when I thought the last one was not being updated but finding out now my android box has an older version of Android that is no longer being supported. Going...
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    Complete hand picked garbage. Every earner of a six figure income is included in the random sample. Hiring 32,000 to count everyone in Canada makes it sound important though.
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    Just thinking about how it was a pandemic that created the need to get the serum to Nome that ended up becoming commercialized into the Iditarod Dog Sled race. Hearing there are plans for a Summit Quest from Fairbanks to Circle which will be nice for the dogs to have a chance to run. Might be a...
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    Was told that ginseng grown for 7 years has different beneficial properties from ginseng grown only two years. Research was related to developing a cold weather energy source for military applications. Never amounted to anything in Canada but became a popular energy bar in Korea circa 1990...
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    The Devil is a tricky Bugger

    Master of disguise and walks amongst us without notice. 99% do not consider the possibility. Superficiality is the only trademark.
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    Liberal Broadband Investment

    J.T. tossing $750 million to increase high speed wireless services for remote communities. Curious if this means he/we pay for the infrastructure that allows Internet service providers to access more $90/month customers. Public access to media that was once a free service is no longer free.
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    Handy and Useful Tips

    If they don't find you handsome.... Fall weather is here in the great NW and with the cooler evenings some might be thinking of having a fire to warm things up. Just thought it might be an idea to remind people how quickly things can go astray and to be safe. Always be careful with fire, fill...
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    RCMP Horse Auction

    Check it out on Under livestock. Beautiful horses and frozen sperm as well in case you are not quite ready for the horse. Very unlikely someone living in your area would have a nicer...