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    Okanagan Wines

    what was the name of the vineyard way up the side of the mountain with a small house? I was there 2 years ago and we met a wonderful woman who kept filling our glasses (for free) and topping up my oldest boy's juice while regaling him with all sorts of tales about the ogo pogo. I loved the St...
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    Ok, so nt for lack of trying...I couldn't find my old thread on the dentist...and yes i used the search option, it just hates me. I sit here today, on "Vacation" form work, face looking suspiciously like a chipmunk has stuffed my cheeks with nuts. why? Because after a whole fiasco with y...
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    I want to know.....

    ...Where the names for each of the Provinces and Territories come from. As a Maritimer, i have my region down, and hubby is from Nunavut, so I have it covered too. British Colombia is pretty easy to figure out as well, but as for these other crazy names, I need a little help. Fill me in folks
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    Haggis's Delight...the Pyjama thread

    I used to collect Teddy Bear pyjamas, 1 peice flannel ones. I'm thinner than I was in high school, so I can still wear them. I have yet to get my ultimate pyjama piece flannels with the Butt-flap, I REALLY want a pair
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    I think we're alone

    They're a few people spying on us Haggis, otherwise the floor is ours...shall we dance?
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    What's your favourite comfort food?

    Re: RE: What's your favourite My oldest boy is a mashed potatoe lover too. My homeade cheeseball with rice crackers is another comfort favorite of mine Or chocolate cheesecake
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    So what's your favourite thing to have for supper?

    Hard to say what my favorite thing for supper is, I'm not one for big meals and hate steak.I love wraps, and salads, something nice and light in the stomach, I love stir fry's though, with long grain rice
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    Best sandwich ever!

    I think we talked about that sandwich before juan
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    What's your favourite comfort food?

    Turkey bacon ranch wraps, heavy on the veggies with broccoli salad or coleslaw
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    Best sandwich ever!

    Sliced honey ham, old cheddar, shredded carrot green pepper, red onion, mayo and honey mustard on homeade or foccacia bread
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    Help! Someone take them away!!!!

    My tongue is pink my teeth feel gritty and my stomach is roiling. And yet.....I continue to munch on these fricking cinnamon hearts at my desk *grumble* stupid Valentines day Candy.... Someone take them before I explode
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    Can Someone Please Tell Me....?

    It's been a hectic week for me and I have yet to hear if the groundhog saw his shadow.... Can someone please enlighten me?
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    Holy Cow

    Let's cover some background here. I am afraid of the dentist...scratch afraid, I'm terrified of the dentist, for a whole mulitiude of reasons. Not the least of which is I have soft teeth, no matter what I do, i get cavities, and Had a denist that used to yell at me saying that I didn't take...
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    I have a really good one for Picco de gallo at home that calls for a ton of Cilantro...yummy...I have a really yummy bruchetta one too, but I can't remember them off the top of my head
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    Oh and 3 lg cloves of garlic...minced, and for those who dont cook, don't forget to chop the peppers onions and celery
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    There's not really a recipe- 2 cans of diced plum tomatoes, 1 smal can of Tomato paste, 2 large peppers, yellow or orange are the nicest, 2 large Jalapenos seeds in for HOT, seeds of 1 for med, no seeds for mild...2 handfuls of onions(I have small hands) some celery, cayenne pepper and paprika...
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    Granola would be good in the mix. Spicy huh? try my taco plate smothered in homeade Salsa!!!
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    What is your favourite orignal recipe?

    I make an awesome homade salsa.... it goes really well with the taco plate that I make...I never have leftovers
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    Canadian Content has recipes :)

    My kitchen is more of an international restauraunt...What can I say...i love food...It's amazing I'm not 3 times the size that I am
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    Happy New Year All

    So...once again, I have gone into hiding, and I'm not worthy of being PM'd with the other board. I have been occupied, promotion at work, no time online etc.... much training to do. i just want to wish all a Happy New Year, and say that I miss you all. We had a wonderful Christmas with our...