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    Obama White House Doctor Calls For Immediate Biden Resignation

    Biden needs to do a couple of lines before the next press conference and show some pep.
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    Omnibus Russia Ukraine crisis

    Ukraine needs to use a captured Russian tank to fire on Poland.
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    It’s a scam, we need to fix the system

    So you see the thread title and say "what scam are they talking about?" and so you look only to find out you have completely wasted your time Ban me Boomer
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    Two years into the Trudeau 2.0 Minority Term, which day will Justin call the election that only he wants?

    Andrew Scheer yet to appear in anything I have seen. The harsh severing of ties with former leaders reflects poorly on the constitutional fortitude of the party.
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    CFL 2021

    Matt Nichols didn't need the rain but Ottawa played much better. 2 more points for BC keeps the west tight. BC is still not that good.
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    Trudeau dissolves Parliament

    One difference between Canada and the US is the age of politicians in Canada are much younger. Trudeau turned 50 without telling us, O'Toole is 48, Singh is 41. Max Bernier is 57. Annamie Paul is 48. Could be a disadvantage imo
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    Trudeau Liberals surge ahead over Conservatives

    Doubling down on the pandemic and will finish the campaign from the basement. Pissed right off that people are not fawning over him.
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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    Bet your last dollar that if he did the taxpayer was on the hook for the bill.
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Neil Young singing "Helpless" on vinyl. Loudly
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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    Singh is a Sikh extremist at heart. He also has a law degree but didn't spend much time in private practice. Original name was Dhaliwal. Migrated over from provincial politics. Basically contributes nothing. Living large though with the golden pension in view. Sad
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    CFL 2021

    Appears to me the bigger men are the ones who suffered most from not playing last year. Oline protection a concern for most teams. Not an easy thing to practise at home.
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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    Also a Princeton graduate married to an international human rights lawyer but focus on the black and jewish if you must.
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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    Target marketing traditional NDP voters. All bs. He knows his party won't win and he will never be held accountable (not that any are) for anything he says. NDP are hopeful of another minority where they can sell their vote at a high price. It's a great job with a million perks and does not...
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    Trudeau Is Going To Bury Us In Debt

    Bernadette Jordan is another who can go. Tremendously under qualified which seems to be a thing with Trudeau. About Bernadette Jordan Bernadette Jordan has proudly served as Member of Parliament (MP) for South Shore-St. Margaret’s since October 2015. She was first appointed to Cabinet in...
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    Trudeau Is Going To Bury Us In Debt

    Minister of Digital Content, I assume there are deputy ministers as well as senior and junior aides. Curious if it was the Vancouver office or the Ottawa office she blew the cash on. Seems unbelievable to be able to spend that much on an office renovation. No doubt there is an insider...
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    CDN-Economy & Related Factors

    Wasn't able to copy the link but check real estate in Gravelbourg, SK. Very decent homes for $70,000. Castles for $350,000
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    Trudeau Liberals surge ahead over Conservatives

    Appears Sophie Gregoire may not be voting Liberal in this election. HHHMMMM "Some media tabloids have pointed out that Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau have parted ways and are living separately for the time being. Moreover, these rumours have been sparked after Sophie...
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    Omnibus Afghanistan thread

    Canadian military calling off all evacuation flights until such time as things improve in Kabul. Story said 550 were evacuated in the last couple of days. I would be curious to know the order of first out and wonder if it would be women and children or was it loaded with top brass and those...
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    Trudeau can go, Election 2021

    We'll see if Jenica Atwin is re elected. My hope is she does not. Mentioned yesterday on CBC about the Green party holding the balance of power in the minority EU coalition so who knows. Would not be worse than the NDP rolling over every time they are asked.