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  1. MapleOne

    The Rise & Fall of Facebook

    The rise of a company that technically only exists in cyberspace to a multi-billion dollar corporation is pretty impressive. However, we have seen this before with MySpace and Yahoo Is anyone here running to invest in Facebook after the stock decline?
  2. MapleOne

    Our cooling world

    And there are no plastics in the ocean either! Right? Let me just bury my head in the sand and pretend that serieous issues don't exist. I just have to look at the past couple of winters in my neighbourhood, it was almost balmy. You cannot argue with the fact that greenhouse gases cause a...
  3. MapleOne

    Hiroshima and Nagasaki

    Never-Seen: Hiroshima and Nagasaki Click here to see the pictures Make sure to read the captions below That many years later and it still scares the hell out of me. It's so sad that we need to resort to war and death to resolve our differences. :-( Reminds me of this quote A ''just war''...
  4. MapleOne

    They executed an innocent man!

    I saw a documentary on this story, the guy was supposed to have burned his house with his little children in it. He was a model father who loved his kids. He was convicted mostly on forensic fire evidence. According to the documentary it has now been proven that the burn pattern they were...
  5. MapleOne

    The bible is a fairy tale!

    OK, sorry about the title guys, I really don't want to take it that far but I do wish to make a point. Can I talk about my non-religious beliefs in this forum too? Is it OK to give an opposing point of view? I was brought up going to Cathlic school and getting my finger whacked every time I...
  6. MapleOne

    Dalton McGuinty - I never voted for this freak, did you?

    PLEASE READ, AND REMEMBER NEXT ELECTION. Dalton McGuinty - I never voted for this freak, did you? Here is what our Premier has done for Ontario in the past seven years. Remember...he had a no tax increase election message/campaign. He has increased all the licensing fees from your car to...
  7. MapleOne

    New Eco fees in Ontario - Dropped

    Starting July 1st 2010 (same date as the implementation of the HST) Ontario has a new set of eco fees. They start as low as .01 penny all the way up to five bucks. We now pay for every aerosol can, computer, laundry detergent, dish soap etc. Did you know if you want to make your own cleaner...
  8. MapleOne

    When do I get mailbox access?

    1. When do I get mailbox access? I want to PM an admin? 2. When can I change my member title? 3. One of my posts went to moderation this morning and I don't see it yet. It's either slow moderation or the post was disallowed. I asked about opinions on what I could do with the MapleOne network?
  9. MapleOne

    My most hated Canadian Politician

    I know the title sounds a bit strong but there is one politician that I absolutely cannot stand. His name is Tony Clement. It seems like anything that makes the news has his involvement. They keep moving him around and I see his face everywhere in the news. Since I first read about him with...