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    I had heard of this earlier today so when this popped up... All I can say is... damn... just... damn. And no, this isn't funny or just 'joking'. ETA:
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    June is National Indigenous History Month

    Two events happen in June that are historical. Pride, sadly, does get the more 'screen' time. But it is also Indigenous History Month. So, gonna share this that came across my FB feed. It's Indigenous History Month. Time to learn. Dreamcatchers are a big part of Indigenous cultures...
  3. Serryah

    So who Controlled Jerusalem the longest?

    Interesting Video. Gotta admit I'm not surprised by some info, and I am by others. And I think from now on when people throw out the whole "Jews owned the area longest" or whatever the argument is, I'll just cry bullshit on that. Lived there, sure, controlled it, nah. And the question...
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    TV I'm sure some won't watch.

    Damn if it's not jaw droppingly, WTF filled chaos.
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    Lincoln a Progressive?

    Interesting, and I didn't know he got mail from Marx praising his election. So looked into it and: Overall I found it interesting. It also shows just how drastically the Republicans have changed since the 'switch'.
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    And again... (Another US Shooting) But after Sandy Hook... Who cares, move along. (and for some idiots here, that's sarcasm)
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    Police reation video

    An interesting video at least.
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    Israel accused of murdering journalist The thing is...
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    The "One God" in Ancient Egypt

    Fascinating video. Kind of brings to mind the thought that Monotheism means way more than the narrow view of Abrahamic religion.
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    Roe v. Wade overturned? Only the 1st draft but... Not good for women's rights. Not good for Susan Collins who's dumber than a stump. And no, I am not "pro abortion", I am pro "it's not my...
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    Justify this? So anyone pro-'life', how can you justify forcing a woman or girl to give birth to their rapists/incest rapist's child?
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    Nazi's in Florida Well, least they have no issue showing their pathetic selves in public. Sad that they likely won't be held to that much account for this.
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    And this is why. Now I'm sure some here will say "GOOD" that this kid killed themselves. But they were a KID. 12 goddamn years old. Suicide because other little fucking monsters decided because the...
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    Sued for being born

    Well this might change things in the US if this becomes 'a thing'. Will abortion be okay then? I can understand the woman's POV though, sadly enough.
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    Systemic racism

    Great explanation of how to realize systemic racism.
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    Where the word Aryan really came from.

    Interesting video I came across. Learning this makes me realize Hitler took a LOT from that area of the world to fit his own ideals.
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    Voting a privilege?
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    What makes a "Good Conservative"

    Interesting take and absolutely agree. "As long as conservatives are cautious but move forward, there's nothing inherently wrong with that."
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    RIP to Prince Philip