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    International Women's Day

    from the Status of Women Canada Website: International Women's Day 2013 Working Together: Engaging Men to End Violence against Women On International Women's Day, Canadians participate in a...
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    What happened?

    Missed CC today. How long was the site down?
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    CRTC approves usage-based internet billing

    " The CRTC has approved Bell Canada's request to bill internet customers, both retail and wholesale, based on how much they download each month. The CRTC has approved Bell Canada's request to bill internet customers, both retail and wholesale, based on how much they download each month. The...
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    Lost Generation

    Next time I come accross a youth showing the symptoms of being brough up in a hopeless world, I'll try to remember this vid. YouTube - Lost Generation
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    Tell your MP to get back to work on Jan 25th

    Liberals to return to work on Jan. 25, despite shutdown Good. I hope the other parties do too. If anyone's interested, there's a facebook group that's already over 50,000 strong: "For those fed up with Harper's undemocratic behavior, tell your MP to get back to work on January 25th."...
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    Pot Luck blues...

    I'm bored with my usual pot luck recipes. Anyone have interesting, out of the ordinary, sure-fire crowd pleaser recipes? I work with a group of women who are all phenomenal in the kitchen - we're regularly treated to gourmet delicacies at our pot lucks, but I usually bring the old tried and...
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    Pork tenderloin... and no meat thermometer

    Save On Foods is having a twofer sale on pork tenderloin. Excellent deal, if you get a chance, you should go pick a couple up. I want to serve one tomorrow night to some company. It's 2 lbs and crusted with seasonings and herbs, and I found a method of cooking it on the net that looks like...
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    Wall Spammers !!

    Some of you may have noticed in the last little while that we've been getting spammed on the member's walls. Thanks to those of you who've reported it when you've found it... this is just a little request to all of you to keep your eyes open - maybe pay a more frequent visits to your own...
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    The Mayerthorpe Tragedy- was it handled as well as it could have been?

    Families lament news of possible appeal in Mountie killing case You know, I have to admit I had not really followed the details of this case that closely beyond the fact that there had been a horrible tragedy and loss of life. The Fifth Estate ran documentary and interview with Shawn...
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    Happy Birthday Hermanntrude!!

    Happy Birthday!! The big 30!! Enjoy your day!
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    ~ Happy New Year ~

    Wishing you all a wonderful New Year filled with endless opportunities to reap and bestow love. ... and please celebrate safely. ;-)
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    Coalition Threads

    There is an over-abundance of threads dedicated to the topic of the coalition government right now. Could all members please use the threads currently in progress to post your thoughts on this subject. Thanks!
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    Hey GlenNK - read this!

    Look: GlenNK Replying to Thread The Georgia Guidestones...??? This is what the moderators see when we look at our Who's OnLine page. Every time I go to that page today, I see you. Trying to post. Again. So let me explain something to you that you seem too...
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    Stumbled on another surprise treat this weekend: KABLUEY trailer Lisa Kudrow stars in a completely different role for her than what we're used to (Phoebe from 'Friends')... and she does an amazing job of it too.
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    Who's watching the debate?

    Harper's getting it from all sides. :lol:
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    Paul Newman dies at 83

    AP Paul Newman NEW HAVEN, Conn. — A spokeswoman for screen legend Paul Newman says the actor has died...
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    Voter Caging

    I came across a site discussing the practice of voter caging. This is something I'd not heard of before. The site I was reading at was referring specifically to the U.S. My understanding of this is that it's a means of suppressing votes through some pretty sneaky methods. The Brennan...
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    Young at Heart - a must see

    I can't recommend this movie enough. TheYoung at Heart movie trailer gives an idea of the movie, but imo it doesn't do it justice at all - it's far too 'polished' to properly represent this documentary. Young at Heart is a surprising, uplifting and poignant inside view of a senior's choir...
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    Recipe Screw Ups .... and fixes

    Well it seems I may have salvaged a recipe I messed up - and I thought hmmmmm I betcha lots of people screw up a recipe and find a way to save it without throwing the whole mess out. .... so I found a recipe for stuffed zucchini on the net - but I don't have a printer, so I figured I could just...
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    Tired of hearing about 9/11 (2nd thread)

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