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    Municipal governments- is it time that candidates indicate their political preferences?

    I wonder if it is time to do this? If the electorate do not want I Left or Right leaning candidate, then they have the opportunity to vote for the party that they want. Some parties tax and spend, some do not.
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    Does anyone want to know why Donald Trump moved to Florida?

    I suggest that the reason Donald Trump moved to Florida is because he can claim personal bankruptcy, and not have to bring his house into to picture. With the bad publicity he has made for himself, the recent pulling back of lenders, what does the public think will happen when his corporate...
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    Justin Trudeau ready for an Election

    Our prime minister is ready for an election, he said. Just let me have the chequebook, (the government one) and let’s go. Watch him start campaigning shortly, with the public credit card.
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    Seniors Losing Mobile Homes in BC. Government at Fault??????

    Seniors losing mobile homes blame B.C. government CBC - A group of seniors being evicted from their waterfront neighbourhood on Vancouver Island are imploring the B.C. government for help. The mobile home park they live in has been sold and the seniors - some in their 70s and 80s - have been...
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    Government Announce crack down on Methamphetamine Offenders

    I see on the internet that the Federal Government of Canada are going to get tough on the methamphetamine offenders in Canada. They have passed legislation saying that they have increased the maximum penalty from 10 years to life in prison. That, in my opinion will do nothing to stop those...