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    Super Tex Mauled by Bees AJ Foyt was clearing brush at his ranch when he was swarmed by killer bees. He's fine, but in an interview with CBC Radio's As it Happens, he said it was the most scared he'd ever been. This is a man whose lower legs are full of...
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    Average Canadian or Liberal Insider?

    It's a new, fun game to play while watching Liberal election commercials. Average Canadian or Liberal Insider? Seems the Liberals had some trouble getting average Canadians for their commercials. Oh well, at least their ads don't suck as bad as the ads the Conservatives have out. What's with...
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    Check out the Conservative Party web site then check out the Republican Party web site. Surprising how similar they are, eh? There are some minor design differences and the party colours are different, but they are very close. Hmmm....
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    Corporate Interference in Democracy

    This showed up in my e-mail box this morning: Notice the salutation. "Dear Chief Executive Officer". I guess they mean me. The product is designed to make it easy for those who wish to use their corporate money to influence the outcome of our elections. The entire idea is entirely corrupt...
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    Have you ever been sitting at your desk opening a beer with a stapler and suddenly felt a sharp pain? In my experience it usually means that you've just driven a Swingline Standard Staple into your thumb...not your thumb proper, but that meaty part of your hand by the lifeline that indicates...
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    Wow. I was just reading this report from the Centre for Disease Control. In 2002 there were 17,638 homicides in the United States. 11,829 of those homicides were committed with firearms. 8O I guess that means guns only kill about 11/17ths of the people.
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    Power Deal on Again?

    It looks like Ontario is going to be buying power from Manitoba, after all. They swung a deal today for Manitoba to supply power to Thunder Bay, and are talking about Conawapa and other future deals again. This is at least the third time we've reached this kind of agreement. Let's see if...
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    I Hate to Say I Told You So

    The audit into David Dingwall's expenses was released today. Dingwall was exonerated. He was within all guidelines, and he never charged that famous pack of gum on his expense account even though it may have been within the guidelines if he had. The only thing found to be abnormal was a...
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    So when do we vote?
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    Coulter Calls for 'Repression of Free Speech'

    Annie Coulter, moron and anti-rights activist, called for the repression of free speech when talking to Florida Republicans. Guess what the Republicans did? They applauded. So who doesn't represent American values? By the evidence, I'd have say the GOP and their jabbering, brain-dead poster...
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    Who ya votin' for?

    Okay, who are you voting for? No explanations necessary.
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    More CPC Corruption

    Vic Toews broke Manitboa election laws. He hasn't resigned or been fired though, even though the CPC is always calling for others to resign. Toews is the federal CPC justice critic, and has admitted that he overspent in the 1999 Manitoba election. Since the CPC holds everybody else...
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    This has to stop

    Now we're dragging people out of the hospital to extradite them.
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    Bush's War on Science

    This is an excerpt from The Republican War on Science, by Chris Mooney. This is an interview with the author. He goes through how the Republicans have gone out of their way to distort and abuse science to achieve political goals based on religion and their close ties with corporations.
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    Ya know....

    I think I'm going to take my king-sized hangover and go have a nap now. I've tried eating (4 egg cheese and mushroom omelette) and having a beer. Neither has done any good. It's time to dive under a blanket and watch bad Sunday afternoon TV with my eyes closed.
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    Open Office

    If any of you are looking for an office suite to replace that aging bootleg version you copied from your last employer, you might want to check out Open Office. It's free; open source so your money won't go to make Evil Bill even richer; and you can save things in MS format (.doc etc.) as well...
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    The Harperites

    I watched Question Period today, like I do on many days, and I was wondering....WHEN THE FECK ARE WE GOING TO GET AN OFFICIAL OPPOSITION THAT DOES ITS FECKING JOB?!!! Christ, these guys have no interest in addressing actual policy. All they do is scandal monger and yell and scream. Not only...
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    New Reports of US Torture.

    From Human Rights Watch:
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    Lookin' for Leopard :lol:
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    Sounds from My Neighbourhood

    CRASH! Neighbour: Oh you f***ing whore, suck my c*** you f***ing piece of s*** jack. Neighbour's Friend: When you get your car back up on the stands we'll talk about it, but I ain't cheap. :lol: