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  1. 10larry

    History too pc incorrect.

    Loony left activists turf megyn from nbc for daring to speak of black makeup upon palefaces, this gaggle of loony tuners next step is to vilify al jolson for having the temerity to sing 'mammy'. This cannot be tolerated, all reference to al jolson must be expunged, history cannot present factual...
  2. 10larry

    What are you listening to right now?

    Mainly for jam session following vocal.
  3. 10larry

    Is the u.s. getting soft?
  4. 10larry

    No staging

    Hmmmm, a u.s. funding freeze n' the platoon suspected of staging rescues and gas attacks exits syria stage left. A little nato pull gets them out of the country via express service while the civilians they 'dedicated' themselves to assist are left behind. Why trudough wants to import unemployed...
  5. 10larry

    Drug war?

    Politics in mexico be a risky venture, the mega bucks drug dealing affords appears to have created an underground party opposed to non party members, not opposition by debate but by bullet.
  6. 10larry

    AI creep

    This is bound to be a hit in canuckstan where marriage twixt a man and X is government approved as well ontario issues gender neutral health cards so Yingying and her AI peers can qualify for free digital diagnostics. A bill of robo rights will hafta be next as conflict does arise even in the...
  7. 10larry

    Free trade?
  8. 10larry

    Canada: Respite center for spent terrorists.

    Alleged <snicker> terrorists from far afield are hearing about trudoughs we luv convicted terrorists so much we shower them with millions of $$$. Jihadi jack will of course be welcomed back by the hug a thug lib regime. Alleged ISIS operative 'Jihadi Jack' begs Canada to let him come here -...
  9. 10larry

    Cops vs sad sac taxpayers.

    Help me out here, an internal squabble twixt tribes has resulted in a blocked road(again) in caledonia, the town has nothing whatsoever to do with the spat but cops fearful of being tagged as enforcement officers allow it to stay. Why is the town inconvenienced and forced to loose business...
  10. 10larry

    only bureaucrat$ know how to build

    Now we know where the money goes and equally depressing a glimpse into bureaucratic madness. Toronto senior builds stairs in park after city pegs cost at over $65K | Watch News Videos Online
  11. 10larry

    stay healthy in the 'golden' horse shoe

    If not so serious it would be hilarious, hurry up and wait. Ambulances speed thru the city lights flashing sirens blaring just to get to a hospital so they can park and wait for hospital staff to get around to them. As bad as this situation is it's gonna get worse as wynne closes more and more...
  12. 10larry

    It to become our most popular name.. Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario by 2018 | CTV News Even as I read it I cannot get my head around it, in the face of indisputable natural proof a parent and also dingbat...
  13. 10larry

    autonomously lethal

    The days of suicide bombers and terrorist snipers may be over, autonomous drones and/or autonomous weapons will change malcontents strategies, arm a drone(s) with victims' digital data and he/she will be endlessly hunted. A hawk like mccain must dream of the possibilties. Autonomous drones set...
  14. 10larry

    What about ‘fake news’?

    Having a war monger heading a committee to dump trump by painting him as a putin sympathizer is very scary but this fake news bit coming from the committee is too bizarre, in the world of fake nyt, wpost and cnn rule. Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, the ranking Democrat, asked if the...
  15. 10larry

    Justin fishing for a joe bracelet?

    'Geez I'm pretty', tis said if you tie an italians hands he can't say a word but sadly pretty boy is boundless, making a move on baracs' guy while barac is still in the picture be really presumptuous but considering the source understandable. ‘I’m the only eye-candy you’ll see tonight’: Justin...
  16. 10larry

    TO cops taught sharia etiquette.

    Mission creep usually refers to military escalation in a combat zone however it can also apply to sharia, here for certain plus many more locales around the globe. Bit by bit, mosque by mosque til feminism begins to waver, trudeau as a feminist will need to make a stand. Webinar on marital...
  17. 10larry

    Teenage incumbent.... maybe

    Many unhappy with politics are urging folks to dump stale old candidates and support younger, fresher candidates and in this neck of the woods it is happening. Tadpoles lack any life experiences but the bureaucrats experienced in lifes tribulations we're blessed with simply ensure their nests...
  18. 10larry

    Remember freon?

    Not so good for ozone layer so political fly weights and learned science types sang the praises of cfcs' replacement hfc but now hfc is condemned as 100x more challenging to the atmosphere. John Kerry urges ambition as HFC talks go into extra time | Climate Home - climate change news In the...
  19. 10larry

    Humans soon extinct?

    First two segments are about AI, interesting stuff if you have the time to view. We worry about global warming and the population explosion n' other assorted stuff but with the rapid development of AI our fate could well lurk elsewhere. Artificial Intelligence, Bryan Cranston, Gorilla...
  20. 10larry

    No kidding... public sector pay cut.

    I dunno I thought it had to be a cyber ruse but many outlets, some respected, reported it. Justin feels he is canuck royalty so why doesn't he implement a top down deficit battle plan. We know however no matter how deep our red ink pubic sector entitlements will never be in jeopardy, can you...