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  1. Niflmir

    Balancing the budget: a bad political idea

    At least the way the Conservatives are doing it: Do you see that? It won't be balanced until 2015/2016, are the Conservatives going to be re-elected? They had better count on it, or the NDP or Liberals will be wrongly taking credit for this. If the top 5% of income earners continued to pay...
  2. Niflmir

    Vote on whether some German art students kill a lamb

    You can vote at: DIE GUILLOTINE
  3. Niflmir

    Electoral reform: quorum

    I am a big fan of electoral reform in Canada, usually making it my priority for voting. I am not a fan of the first past the post system, because as I see it, we don't end up with rule by the majority, we just end up with rule by the largest group of victors. People I talked to in Canada don't...
  4. Niflmir

    Smokers cost society less in total health care costs

    These are actually some old findings, subtitled Prevention No Cure for Increasing Health Expenditure. The basic idea being that, although the actual health related costs of smokers (and obese people) are higher, because non-smokers and the thin live longer, they run up higher costs in total...
  5. Niflmir

    What is an appropriate level of "gun" control?

    In this thread I'd like to pose just that question, to you the reader, what is an appropriate level of "gun" control? I use the quotes because the idea of gun control typically extends past what one might consider a gun. Is an anti-aircraft gun still a gun or a cannon? Is a cannon a gun? Is a...
  6. Niflmir

    Calvinism: the rational Christianity

    I always thought that the Calvinists drew Christianity to its logical conclusion: unconditional election. The basic idea being, God who is omnipotent and omniscient created you. Now God knew before hand that He would create you, and knew before hand whether you would be sent to heaven or not...
  7. Niflmir

    Wim Delvoye

    Not safe for work warning, right off the bat. Take a look at the very... interesting website of Wim Delvoye, a Belgian conceptual artist. Featuring such wonders as the Cloaca Machine. What does modern art mean to you?
  8. Niflmir

    Gravitational waves

    Well, it is what I research (at least tangentially), so I thought I would open up a thread on it. First off, what is a gravitational wave? If you imagine that information cannot immediately, than you can conclude that if the sun disappeared, it would take some time for that information to reach...
  9. Niflmir

    Gender equality: security checks and toilet breaks

    There are few things nowadays that remind me more of gender inequality than these two simple things: security checks at airports and public toilets everywhere. The bell goes off when you step through the metal detector and if you are a man, a man comes over to pat your genitals (apparently) and...
  10. Niflmir

    I've (re)discovered cola!

    Lately I've taken to Italian bitter cocktails... so sorry you underaged members. This one is alcoholic. Really simple cocktail is to take a sort of liquer, in my case an Italian bitter like Campari, and to add it to sparkling (fizzy) water. It is a bitter soda essentially. Well I decided to try...
  11. Niflmir

    Feminism 101: On Anger

    I'm just going to leave this here, by way of explanation, by way of apology for people who maybe I stepped on in passing, to all those I sleighted without realizing it. Then I'm going to cool off. Feminism 101: On Anger Melissa McEwan This may be the shortest Feminism 101 post I ever write...
  12. Niflmir

    Allicin - or - why garlic gives you gas

    Well, I tend to like garlic in what I cook. But since moving to Europe, I started to notice that when I would chop or crush something with garlic in it, the next day I would have many tiny, itchy blisters on my hands. It was always the next day that I would notice so it took me a long time to...
  13. Niflmir

    Grave robbing

    They say you can't take it with you, but that doesn't stop people from trying. Plenty of people decide to be buried with jewelry, fancy suits--heck, even money. Then we stick them in the ground, of which we have a limited supply of. My question is, where's the crime in digging it up? It's not...
  14. Niflmir

    One of my nuttier political opinions.

    I firmly believe in the legalisation of all recreational drugs. It seems to be a fairly radical stance and I am used to fighting an uphill battle. It may be considered ironic that a person who once suffered from a drug related mental health breakdown would endorse such a view, however, I...
  15. Niflmir

    Why can't I find good tomatoes?

    My mother in law makes a fantastic tomato sauce (she is Italian). Whenever I do it, the colour is wrong? I think it's the tomatoes. Maybe it's because I have an electric stove? The recipe seems so super easy. She heats up some garlic in a pan with oil. She adds tomatoes. When the pasta is...
  16. Niflmir

    Loss of right to vote for Canadians abroad

    It occurs after five years living abroad as mentioned in the buried paragraph 222 of the Canada elections act. This does not occur if you are working for the government or an international orgainization and occurs if you want to come back to Canada or not. The problem being, after 5 years, you...
  17. Niflmir

    Private Schools vs. Public Schools

    There is a measureable difference in the success rates (graduation, marks, what have you) associated with private and public schools favoring the private schools. To me, this is not debateable, the statistics are to be found in many places. However, when one corrects for class variables (such...
  18. Niflmir

    Red Bull Cola energy drink banned for containing cocaine

    Officials in Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Thuringia and Rhineland-Palatinate have banned the drink after health officials noted trace amounts of cocaine in cans of the cola. "The coke is not harmful, but it violates food law," said Thomas Schulz, a spokesman for the Thuringian Ministry of...
  19. Niflmir

    The failings of communism...

    are nothing more than the failings of effective democracy. In all the places where communism has been tried, democracy was the framework which carried the philosophy. The two are of course not mutually exclusive. Communism states that the tools of production are owned by the entire population...
  20. Niflmir

    Who is your representative?

    Lets, say that the person you voted for in the election lost. Being a responsible citizen you are still concerned with the ongoings of parliament and would still like to have your voice heard. The question is, which parliamentarian represents your voice on parliament hill?