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  1. missile

    Obama's Popularity

    Strange,isn't it that he is far more popular here than in the USA. It must be his charisma-----our pols are sorely lacking in any of that asset.
  2. missile

    New Groundhog Recipes,Anyone?

    Being an oldfashioned sort of guy, I just have mine grilled,,but am open to suggestions on how to prepare this seasonal dish.
  3. missile

    The Proposed 10 dollar Cable Tax

    Any serious opinions on this new money grab? Personally,as we have no local programming here, I plan on cancelling my cable if this goes through..the 4 hours per week [only 4 shows I like] isn't worth the 40 something i shell out each month.
  4. missile

    TV Networks In Financial Trouble

    Would it be so great a loss to us if Global and CTV went under, due to their financial problems? I know that I can get along very well without any television and fail to understand why they show so many ads within an hour and claim not to be making enough money from the ads. The CBC has had its...
  5. missile

    Which TV Western Was The Best?

    Nick Adams as The Rebel, Richard Boone as Paladin,"Have Gun,Will Travel",The Rifleman with Chuck Connors,Henry Fonda in The Deputy,Wagon Train,where Clint Eastwood first became known..all good series. Or, do you prefer the lighter ones, like Bonanza?
  6. missile

    Somalia & The Pirates

    I never thought the day would arrive when the USA would allow the kidnapping of one of its citizens in full view of American warships.I understand they still feel the repercutions of the Black Hawk Down mission, but Bush would have sent troops matter what. Obama is now seen as a weak leader.
  7. missile

    Snow Bank Height

    Mine average over 7 feet. Can anyone in the general vicinity beat this? All I can hope for is a slow meltdown come Spring or we wil be flooded out.
  8. missile

    One Brownie Point For Geo. Bush

    For not giving a pardon to Conrad Black:smile: And another point for pardoning those 2 Border Patrol agents who were put into prison for wounding a Mexican drug smuggler.
  9. missile

    The American Undecided Vote

    One more day before this edition of the endless election takes a breather and there are between 6 to 9 percent of the voters still undecided on how to cast their ballots. I submit to you that this is merely the idiot class of American & is too stupid to even find the polling station,let alone...
  10. missile

    Preferred Horror Films: Gore or Psychological

    Saw 5 is out and I was wondering if most prefer these gorefests to the other type of horror movie: i.e. Blair Witch Project. Me: that's the sort of film that I enjoy, as my imagination conjurs up unknown and unseen terrors[and not cut and slashers.]The only other film that really scared the you...
  11. missile

    Our Cruise Ship Tourists

    It's kinda cute ..the dumb questions Americans ask us. For example" Our the winters up here much colder? Or the one asked me the other day: How can i get back to our ship? I told him just to walk downhill[it was tied up within viewing distance at the time] I worry about their safety tho...
  12. missile

    Dollar's Dramatic fall

    Now that our dollar has gone back to pre 2007 levels and is making its way to it's lowest value ever against the American dollar,will the manufacturers stop crying about not being able to sell thir exports to the USA because of the high dollar? Of course they won't! The new cries stem from the...
  13. missile

    New Boss For CBC

    The new head of the CBc is Denise Donlen,an ex VJ on MuchMusic and past president of Sony the wife of beloved singer Murray Mclaughlin. I'm looking forward to a more relaxed and entertaining schedule of programs stemming from her large knowledge of popular Canadian culture.
  14. missile

    A Very Rainy Weekend

    the remnants of the latest hurricane blew through here this weekend and left us with 143 mm of rain. Am very glad I live in one of the higher areas of the city as all the usual places were flooded out. our bridges are just fine, but some of the roads suffered some damageand a few of the shopping...
  15. missile

    Union Protests Earning High Pay

    Our longshoremen had to work on Labour Day....sort of! 3 of the boys were needed to help tieup a visiting cruise ship, and for a measly 720 bucks apiece for 1 and a half hours work. naturally, the union had to place a group of information picketeers about the site to show their annoyance. Now...
  16. missile

    Needed:Better Class of Hookers

    :smile:Judging by the photo of one in the local rag,it's little wonder that she left the business to find more profitable work. It's a sad situation to have some poor and lonely man getting stuck with propositioning some undercover cop for a bit of sex, just because they happen to look slightly...
  17. missile

    Our Upcoming Election

    So, I got a phone call this afternoon asking me if I would do a survey on the PCs and Steve Harper. I told them I was a sure thing on voting their way, but would do the survey anyhow. Then, they asked if I would allow a sign on my front lawn[Yes] I hope it POs the neighbours!:lol:I am guessing...
  18. missile

    Will Be Offline For Awhile?

    I've had it with this damn computor..less than 6 mos. old and in the repair shop 3 times! It;s going back in and this time, it'll stay there until they find and fix all the problems I've been cursing at since i got it. So, who knows when i can find my way back here:-( Should have posted this...
  19. missile

    DeadPool 2008

    You remember the old Dirty Harry movie,"The Dead Pool", where bets were placed on wheb celebs would bite the dirt:smile: I'm updating it to include only celebs and pols of today. My first candidate is Amy Winehouse & giving her 50/50 odds to live out the rest of the year.JMHO,but she is just...
  20. missile

    The WILD CARDS Return

    George R.R. Martin's shared universe series Wild cards produced many good stories back in the '80's and it was wonderful to find[at long last!] a brand new addtion to this great series. This one is "Inside Straight"[all the titles have a gambling connotation] and deals with a new reality TV show...