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    Obama 2016 available online

    My Apologies if this has already been posted, I just got in and am not up to date on the threads. :) I came across this link to the full length production of Obama 2016 for anyone who's interested: Nevermind, gone already. :(
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    Convicted terrorist continues terrorizing from prison

    This guy is a convicted terrorist who fancies himelf a litigator to keep himself occupied in prison, conducting lawfare against people he doesn't like. Apparently he gets a lot of celebrity support as well, and owns a bunch of non-profits that receive money from the Tides Foundation for one. Big...
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    Beat it, Christians!

    Years of killings, bombings and burning of churches, Christians now given 3 days to leave Nigeria's north. I'm sure this can all be explained away as a perfectly understandable reaction to U.S. foreign policy.
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    The case for Israel

    I haven't seen it so I can't say if it's worthwhile or not, but for anyone who's interested the movie is available free until midnight Monday here: The Case for Israel: Free here! With permission till midnight Monday!
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    Our Human Rights Commision??? Good to know our money is being well spent defending our right to be censored by people who don't like what we have to say. Thank goodness for people with Cajones like...
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    Children a security risk

    So, are we a nation that values freedom of speech, or are we not? Are we free to express our ideas without fear of physcial retribution, or are we zombies who can't say what we really think lest we be attacked? Is it just me or do stories like this make anyone else's blood boil? I say life in...
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    Too few casulaties in Lebanon...

    ...for Hizballah propaganda cameras. Another fine production brought to you from Pallywood. Add this to the BS photos of alleged casualties from Qana.
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    Tarek Fatah intimidated into stepping down

    The religion of peace and tolerance silences it's own for promoting, well, peace and tolerance. Edited for spelling
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    Who Cares, we hate Canada

    I'll never understand why people like this aren't immediately deported. Or better, why don't they just leave? What are they doing here if they find us so offensive? Ms. Farooq's hatred for the country is palpable. She hardly ever calls Canada by its name, rather repeatedly referring to it as...
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    Save Nazanin

    I know this has been posted before in International Politics, but time is getting tight. Nazanin is an Iranian girl who was sentenced to hang for defending herself from a rapist. Please sign the petition. Info: Petition...
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    Why I Published Those Cartoons

    From the horses mouth. So, over two weeks we witnessed a half-dozen cases of self-censorship, pitting freedom of speech against the fear of confronting issues about Islam. This was a legitimate news story to cover, and Jyllands-Posten decided to do it by adopting the well-known journalistic...
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    Pentagon Missile Theory dispelled

    First of all, this plane approached the Pentagon from the same angle used by military helicopters. This is a secret approaching angle known to pilots and navigators alone. The plane used the same secret angle! In addition, the Pentagon was informed that an airplane is heading its way, 12 minutes...
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    Iraqi Musicians play on Baghdad symphony strikes a hopeful note 73 musicians play on despite death threats Death threats? Who would threaten to kill a symphony orchestra? The Americans? Those perveyors of wanton death and destruction! I don't think so. Must be the "Noble Freedom...
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    Americans burning American flag

    I stumbled across this today and found it very disturbing. Is there such a thing as treason anymore? Is there at least ONE good reason for these people to not be deported? If I saw such a thing in Canada I think I would lose it...
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    A Big THANK YOU to America

    for saving Canadians in Canada.
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    Action Alert! Monsanto at it again! (still)

    Consumer, farmer, and environmental organizations across the globe are mobilizing to stop the legalization and commercialization of the controversial Terminator Gene Technology, whereby seeds are genetically engineered to become sterile or commit suicide after one growing season...
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    Sudanese Army surrounds Darfur refugee camps Why would the government of Sudan need to mobilize an army against half naked starving people? Shouldn't they be hunting the Janjaweed, who they claim are outlaws?