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  1. Nuggler

    told ya, can't even manage a circle jerk.

    Computer glitch withholds $1.7M in EI payments to struggling families - Politics - CBC News Pierre Poutine has something to do with that..............quelle surprise !!
  2. Nuggler

    Not a Cult. Noooo. No. Not at all.

    Jus you wait till your next years snow melts by jeez.:lol:
  3. Nuggler

    Chimps have mental skills to cook: Study

    There ya go, Walter. You wanna change occupations, or actually work, you might qualify. Hurry along with the red, ****nuts
  4. Nuggler

    Aids up, Oil down; good show Sasketcheewan

    HIV rates on Sask. reserves higher than some African nations - Saskatchewan - CBC News Oh my, those horny natives. tut tut:roll:
  5. Nuggler

    Summer is almost upon us, and you know what that means

    soaking dry prunes will do the same.........prunes will be all nicely plump next morning. PLUS, this'll keep ya regular. heathly eh ;-)
  6. Nuggler

    30 Totally Unneccessary Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets

    Got us an ove-glove fer takin stuff outa the oven. Works well, just not when wet . ow. Wallyworld.........bout 20 bucks. Was going to use the welder's gloves. Ixnay on thet. - filings and stuff in the food not appreciated.
  7. Nuggler

    Our cooling world

    Check out "Frozen Planet on Thin Ice". Decent doc on netflix. Gives another perspective relative to the right wing oil-driven character denigration garbage on CC. just sayin.
  8. Nuggler

    30 Totally Unneccessary Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets

    I'm with Gopher on the beer briefcase. ;-) Handy dang thing.
  9. Nuggler

    are you eating meat today?

    Big steaks are damn rare round here. Cue the violin:roll: Pass round the cheese.
  10. Nuggler

    are you eating meat today?

    A shower should get rid of the fishy smell. What you do after that is up to you. We's talkin MEAT !!!:munky2:
  11. Nuggler

    are you eating meat today?

    Roast meat with meat sauce and a side of meat. num num Those who wish to be ruled by mythology, carry on. might have an apple too. the one stuck in the mouth of piggy in the oven. :beer:goes good with meat.
  12. Nuggler

    Georgia woman orders 'Whopper' of a death row final meal

    Hope she at least quit smoking. Bad for her health.
  13. Nuggler

    100 cars of crude derail in Virginia. explosion.

    News - Massive explosion after oil train derails in West Virginia - The Weather Network
  14. Nuggler

    B.C. Climate Scientist Wins Defamation Suit Against National Post

    Re: Climate scientist wins defamation case against right leaning National Post Whatever: ref. the OP. One for the good guys.
  15. Nuggler

    Northeast Corridor braces for 'potentially historic' snowstorm

    Yes indeedy. With a brick in your purse, hopefully. :lol:
  16. Nuggler

    Northeast Corridor braces for 'potentially historic' snowstorm

    Couple loaves. Couple fishes. You'll be ok. Remember to share.8O Specially those who cut their teeth at the CBC. "And how do you feel right now, Mrs. Johnson, after watching your husband and two children swept away in the unexpected snow melt ? :roll:
  17. Nuggler

    Speakin a hockey........................................

    , and I probably shouldn't as I don't follow it and still get confused as to offsides...........: But; There's a movie on Netflix called "Last of the Gladiators" . It's mostly about the rise and fall of Chris Nilan, but with some pithy asides from other enforcers of the time. It was an...
  18. Nuggler

    IPCC Lead Author and the Nazca Vandalism

    save the goldfish ~~ 8o
  19. Nuggler

    Stevie boy, oh Stevie, and Rosa, and Julian:::""

    Stephen Harper's "crazy" timeline on oil and gas regulation | Press Progress ROTFL.......if you don't cry first.
  20. Nuggler

    Steve didn't know......................................

    Phillip Nolan, drummer in Stephen Harper's band, charged with sexual assault - Ottawa - CBC News Didn't know.