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  • Thanks. We'll have to try to catch up one of these days. The drive out to Pigeon Lake this summer for beers is beautiful. Just sayin' ;)
    I'm okay. zoned out with a really, really, REALLY bad flare up so I'm busy 'netting it up.
    SCB stopped me from putting an arrow through the Easter Bunny in the yard, but apart from that, all is well, lol.
    Well, just a thought, but once the highways are dry, that platter of wings could always be on a spacious patio overlooking a park. I have two... count 'em... two... guest rooms in this place so someone's gotta use 'em! lol.
    I think I'll be back for a visit in about 3 weeks if everyone's feeling better. Right now we're pretty sicky gross.
    You're welcome, thanks and no they ain't!

    Kooter is bouncing around 245/265, at 6'3". Hawkey around the same weight at 6'2".

    They have both officially qualified for FBI status, lol.

    How are Thing 1 and 2 doing?

    How are you doing?
    Hey you lurking lurker you!!!

    It's nice to see you still roaming around, even if you are way to quiet, lol.

    If we don't cross paths again before Christmas, Merry Christmas to you, Thing 1 and Thing 2. I hope all your Christmas wishes come true!
    Oh yeah because you were so prone to bad behavior when you were talking on here. Lol.

    I just did an O P but did a spelling error but could not change or delete it.

    Would you please correct the spelling error in the title.

    Thanks in advance.

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