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    The moon landing was a hoax!

    I always wonder how the united states managed to land in outer space on the moon. Do you believe that there was landing on the moon?? There are too many irregularities and it just makes no sense to me that man made it to the moon. take a look 8)
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    Videotron SUCKS A**

    This is something you should keep in mind :( They are overly slow and harass you for going over bandwidth. THEY ALSO GIVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OUT TO THE MUSIC PEOPLE IF YOU USE KAZAA!!! STAY AWAY FROM VIDEOTRON A friendly reminder from a montrealer :lol:
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    Notwithstanding Clause (for people that arent familiar)

    You may have heard this term used a lot in Canadian politics, so I found something that might help clarify from Wikipedia. Basically what it's surrounding is the same-sex marriage rubbish going on with the conservative party and Alberta!! Notwithstanding clause From Wikipedia The "override...
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    Who are you voting for this election?

    I know it is a personal opinion, folks. But everybody here seems content with the political party they support so what is it? I am teedering on the Bloc and Liberals. I don't like Paul Martin so it may as well be the bloc, not because i support separation but because I want Quebec to have a...
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    Can I write a commentary?

    How can I submit a commentary for I noticed Roy White has a couple of articles. I'm also interested in submitting something.
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    Something to make people relax

    You guys should start a comedy or humour forum here. SO maybe we can post jokes and get away from the tons of political discussions going on. Just an idea.
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    Team Canada wins second straight gold medal

    Team Canada wins second straight gold medal PRAGUE (CP) - The Lucky Loonies were hard at work again Sunday as Canada won its second straight world hockey championship. Team Canada officials secretly hid a loonie in the back netting of both goals at Sazka Arena for Sunday's gold-medal game...
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    Quebec government to cut 16,000 jobs

    Quebec government to cut 16,000 jobs Quebec Treasury Board President Monique Jerome-Forget speaks at a news conference. (CP PHOTO/Jacques Boissinot) QUEBEC (CP) - The Quebec government announced Wednesday it plans to abolish 16,000 jobs by 2013 in efforts to streamline services and reduce the...
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    Cheapest way of Travelling country-wide

    Question: What is the all around most value method for travelling across Canada? I have some free time this summer and I might want to check out the Western provinces! I have looked and found bus to be cheapest but also most unconfortable. Aerocraft security fees are just killers too!
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    More Cdns moved to Quebec than left it

    More Cdns moved to Quebec than left it MONTREAL (CP) - For the first time in 30 years, more Canadians moved to Quebec than left the province. Quebec gained more than 28,000 new residents last year, and lost 27,900 to other provinces, according to Statistics Canada data compiled for the...
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    Curiousity. Who here is bilingual?

    THe topic says it all!~
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    Harper denies coalition plans with Bloc Quebecois

    Harper denies coalition plans with Bloc Quebecois Canadian Press Thursday, March 18, 2004 Conservative party leadership candidate Stephen Harper. (CP/Tom Hanson) HALIFAX -- Conservative leadership front-runner Stephen Harper rejected claims Wednesday that he would form a...
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    Quebec ad firms not equipped for war on terror

    Quebec ad firms not equipped for war on terror LINWOOD BARCLAY (The Toronto Star) The federal Liberals are starting to think maybe, just maybe, it was a mistake to turn the war on terrorism over to Liberal-friendly firms and Quebec advertising outfits. Not that you can entirely blame them...
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    Team Martin drops ball in Quebec

    Team Martin drops ball in Quebec CHANTAL HÉBERT When it comes to finding their way to Quebecers' votes, it seems Paul Martin and his brain trust might as well be lost in the wilderness without a compass. Judging from the Liberal pre-election ads, they can't see the forests for the trees...
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    Rage over Syria raid

    Rage over Syria raid Israeli air attack near Damascus is the first in 30 years U.N. convenes to discuss `grave escalation' of tensions MITCH POTTER MIDDLE EAST BUREAU JERUSALEM—Fears the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could sweep through the region were renewed last night after Israeli...