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  • Hey, Ton. I hope things are well for you. Anna says "hi and happy new year", um, me, too.
    Tonnington - I laughed so hard at your "tides" clip - I posted it to my fb... still laughing.
    Remember. I said that you'll be part of an experiment. I didn't say which side you would be on. on!:)
    You're gonna accept my friends request right? *crosses fingers*

    People with differing opinions can still be friends ya know... :)
    Thanx bud. It really threw us for a loop. In all my years of fishing, I have never ever seen that before.
    That's what I thought, but I thought frogs buried themselves fairly deep. The area has those water jets around docks, which I thought might have an impact on the frogs. Because the bottom of Joseph is rocky as hell.

    I didn't think there would be frogs at 100ft on those rocky bottoms, unless they weren't burying themselves.
    Remember that fish question I had? I remember it now. I caught a big Laketrout, that had a full grown Leopard Frog in it's stomach.

    Where did he get that from this time of year and do lakers go shallow to feed too?
    So you are saying that anyone that disagrees with your books is a troll? I know that you and probably FivParadox have spent far longer in school than most of us but I have been involved in both business and politics, mostly local and provincial since long before you were born and believe me that what you were taught in school may be correct it is not reality. That is what I was trying to point out to FiveParadox.
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