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  • I thought of your grandson often yesterday as I watched young Rory win the US Open in such a grand fashion. He broke 12 records with that win - what a natural. Continued good luck to your grandson, talloola ........... when he makes it to a televised tourney, I would like to be able to cheer for him. Cate
    Thanks, tallola, just read your post in the Canuck's section about the clip. I have heard of these dubbings before and if it is all done in fun then I don't think it is actionable..........but could be wrong. Will have to have a look and listen next time I can get hooked up to high speed, sounds like it is rather funny especially considering it is Timmie they are roasting - one of the least likely players to be found making such comments.
    Sorry to bug you talloola, but curiosity has the better of me - what did you hear on the Thomas tape that made you write what you did? If you don't mind me asking? You don't have to quote the whole thing, just the jist that got you saying it couldn't be true. No rush.
    Wishing you all the very best for you and your family for 2011 and many happy hours following the N.H.L.
    Hey talloola, I edited a post of yours just to fix the quoting, hope that's okay.
    Hey talloola. Is that your new kitten as your avatar? You should upload some pics. I also got a baby meezer!
    I would like to fill the vacancy you just created by removing yourself from your list.
    Hi Talloola- good to hear you are getting out for exercise and managing to stay dry. I've had rather a crappy week with a bout of stomach flu, but I'm sure I'll get over it, just a persistent little critter. Glad to hear the sciatica is better- mine has been too.
    Hi Talloola- Sounds like you are going to have to pull the rubber boots out of mothballs.
    How you doing kiddo! Just dropping by to wish you and your family a warm and wonderful Xmas and an amazing New Year ahead! May all your dreams and wishes come true... Only 3 more sleeps for this Kiwi kid and I'll be touching down in Vancouver! :) Sooooo excited! :) Take care and maybe we can catch up in the new year ^i^ ((hugs)) xoxox Kiwi ^i^
    awww talloola, you're very welcome. I know what you mean about dogs getting old. We just want them for absolutely all our lives and for them to never ever leave us. ((hugs)) . the thought of that day for them to leave this world is unbearable. Joe at 10 years of age is awesome! He's probably got a good number of years in him yet. His eyes light up like Xmas! Many more to come yet .... Go Joe Go !
    I hope you check in from time to time to see, at least, this PM. We miss you here. The element that is causing discord is small and Rom has made it clear that their continued trolling will no longer be tolerated. In a week or two, things should be back to "normal" I do hope yo return some day, hopefully before hockey season. :)
    All the best to you and yours in the future no matter what transpires on here.
    Resectfully - Cliff
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