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  • Very good! I posted a Year in Review in the Members Lounge! Refresh me: Do you have FB?
    I loved it. I will admit it wasn't as good as the books, and it changed the ending altogether which kind of annoyed me. But it was an awesome show. I bet you'd actually really like the books.
    We just got home last night, and I STILL haven't changed out of my jammies, despite the fact that it's 3:30PM here. I am so completely exhausted. lol. We had a lot of fun, but man, we RAN. Thank god it was cooler for the rest of our trip than the first days. BTW, we made Wicked that day. And thank goodness I never made it to the hotel to freshen up, because we got caught when the skies opened up, and I ended up soaked to the bone. If i'd hit the hotel, we'd have been walking to the theatre, with fresh hair and liberal amounts of makeup, when the deluge came, and I'd have been WAY more pissed than I was at how I ended up looking. lol.
    Hey there! I was wondering where you had been. Glad to see you around, my friend. I hope you are doing well.:)
    Hey man sorry for rejecting your friend request, I had no idea it was you. Nope still live in Ontario and doing the Economic Refugee thing.
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