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    You is race

    About blacks, Asian, Muslim etc you is hatred at least one thus or more even you also can take fight against thus in close distance because you is against thus colored.
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    You is

    Well. Can others telling if you're Conservative ???
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    The Vice President takes throne

    What about this. The host had its tracks. About two years. It had been very good if the truth I would see Mike Pence as the future president of the White House. Eight years as president of Mike Pence. MAGA are not best choose. :protest::protest::protest:
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    My new and only trust

    From the beginning, I was doing all the good things, but I'm going to get used to it in the next year, but it's starting this day, of course, it's all about my day around. That's what is called my faith in the everyday light. And it's medals beautiful everyday life. 1. Lord through peace. 2...
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Oomph! - Rette mich New German music to the US.
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    Theory: if the european army

    Hello. Relax. Enjoy the topic. If the EU theory correctness is the war sum we will mention. I am very pleased if the truth came into being when planning 2019. Then arranged in 2022 as the event was to last. Are military sums here: Germany - 60,000 Spain - 20,000 Netherlands -...