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  • I should wish you a belated Happy Birthday too, as it looks like it occurred recently. Happy Birthday!:)
    Glad to see that you are not trying to be normal anymore. Normal is overrated, and you are far more interesting like you are.:)
    Thank you. :) I don't mind. Both you and Bear are great additions to any forum. It certainly adds more flavour, that's for sure. And most of the time, the person on the receiving end of Bear's wrath is deserving of it. ;) LOL!
    I'm not doing too bad, thank you for asking. As for what's new(ish), I am a Mod here now, and we do have a lot of new members. They migrated from another site all at once. A really good bunch of people. :)
    Aw, are you still home sick? Poor thing.

    I'm heading off right away to take the boy to the doc to have that collar bone checked on. I hope you're around to chat when I get back. :smile:
    SCB!!! Why'd ya have to go and get a job? :-( I miss having someone to talk raunchy with. ;-)
    oh you little brat... when I get outta these ties you better run... and don't bother hiding in the hot tub, that's the first place I'm gonna look! :lol:
    Ah, your PM's weren't kicking in because I'm a big old liar, and your posts need to be in the 50 range. lol. But, I asked Andem what the problem was and he went to look and turned yours on while he was at it. So feel free to give him a big thanks. :smile:
    I have on clue why it hasn't given you the right yet SCB... perhaps try signing out and back in again. That just might be the trick.
    I'm back from the doc... but my inspiration for getting the raunchiness flowing seems to have evaporated! I'll be here to jump all over anything I see as remotely inspiring though. lol
    haha, it does sound tempting. but you'll have to catch me first. :lol:

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