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    What Really Happened in Wuhan: Investigating the Chinese lab leak theory

    Yup. It started when our company heads decided it was cheaper to have them manufactured oversees. It worked for 50 years.
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    Posthaste: Canada is headed for a recession, economists say

    Was this conclusion arrived at including the proportionate financial tax contribution of our billionaire citizens?
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    Trudeau Is Going To Bury Us In Debt

    First thing any prime minister would do on day 1 is to check to determine what could threaten his nation. Expenses always go here first. These enemies could be in the form of potential viruses, or the threatening two legged variety. These being kooks` of other nations, especially those who carry...
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    Fucking Weather 💨 ❄️ 🌪

    Yeah, but no salt on the roads out west .
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    Feds ban on six single use plastics won't help much, says report

    Place all the plastic in a pile downwind of the next forest fire and let nature convert it to diesel fuel. Two birds with one stone. See Youtube: "This man converts plastic to fuel" Better still. Convert to Hydrogen, NOT ELECTRIC CARS. The fuel rewards everyone by changing the waste product...
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    Trucker protest at U.S. border crossing reportedly several kilometres long

    To consider bridge structure mechanics. If memory serves me, High School Mechanics courses taught that in the design phase of bridges, calculations for safety were done on the bases of dead loads measured in Kps suited to the purpose of the structure. We students had final exams to calculate...
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    Gun Control is Completely Useless.

    I feel that crime rate stats should not be censused during a "shut in" and" high tension" environment such as what we have just endured these past 3 Covid years? In "normal" stress years where one can go to social places such as movies and community parties,etc to vent, these places were...
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    Talkin Bout My Generation

    Much as the "flower power" generation would disagree, in my opinion, the Baby Boomer generation lasted to 1950-53 only. The "bb" generation was an abbreviation to mean those conceived toward the last days WW2. It was a generation that would grow up in peace time environment with retooling...
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    Coronavirus,Vaccine Integrity at Source

    What's up with the latest news of blood clotting happening to some patients who got the Astrazenica vaccine.? Apparently, serious enough for some European countries to drop their intentions of purchasing Astrazenica.
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    Coronavirus,Vaccine Integrity at Source

    Only a couple years back, I viewed documentaries on some third world country's struggle to keep it's citizens free of basic infections and their problems with sanitary practices. Indifference, poverty,corruption and a self feeding class systems that do not share wealth seems to be a common...
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    Canada loses jobs, economy and companies

    What's new?. Canada has been selling itself out since wealthy Canadians decided to set up companies off shore in the 70's. If that's not the worst of it, GM got 9 Billion of Canadian tax dollars free, then promptly took it with them to Cancun instead of circulating it within Canada. (As for...
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    Short Memories, and Caution Choosing your Friends

    Trudeau obediently behaved himself and "went back to his room" figuratively when he heard the Pfizer news that they will renege on their business deal to Canada to have the vaccines sent to us in time as agreed. They will fill the order for another country instead. He then shrugged his...
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    Black Lives Matter-Ugliness of Racism.

    I recall the OJ Simpson trial of the yonder days. The news filmed the trial, and I recall Mark Furman was on the witness stand. He was one of the cops in the investigation(maybe the investigator in charge). OJ counsel was trying to route out evidence of prejudice out of Furman, so that the...
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    386 refuses to die

    My old 386 computer tower still has a pulse! I found the DOS 6.2 diskettes as well, and on my hard drive I found the patch files for it. I started it up yesterday since 2004 and it fired up. Before that I think it was the late 90's I started it. I have 2 monitors for it also. I expected a dead...