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    Bulletproof Blankets For Kids! Capitalism’s Answer To Guns

    This is what the most advanced society on Earth's answer for mass school shootings. Can not stop selling more guns to people, instead sell bullet proof blankets for kids. They come in all sizes too. [youtube][/yout*be]
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    10 Mind-Bending Implications of the Many Worlds Theory1

    I was always on the side of the multiverse where everything that can happen happens in its own universe. However the skeptics have a logical argument, that this applies only on the quantum level and at the macro level the most probably outcome mostly applies. Like that room you did not observe...
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    SRT* (an another interpretation)

    I heard about this before socrates. Does this mean that our universe was created by a white hole, that is opposite a black hole in another universe. Like the black hole kind of rips a door way into another dimension. But if we got our mass from a black hole in another universe would not the...
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    SRT* (an another interpretation)

    Energy bends space time. For what is mass, but a combination of all its energies held together in one spot. As Einstien said in his paper it is Mass that equals energy divided by the speed of light squared. Or M = E/c^2 The speed of light is the speed of light cause that is the limit of...
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    Climate Change 101 for Trump..

    A few days ago Edmonton was colder then the North or South pole. Ottawa was negative 20 and Moscow was -2. Things seems a little screwed up.
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    Best Truth OF What Is Going on With Ourselves

    Dialogue between Noam Chomsky and Lawrence Krauss This is a 2.5 hour long vid. If you want to have a few drinks and listen to this you will find it very interesting and hard to stop. Noam Chomsky is one of our top intellectuals. He wrote over 100 books. He is the top linguist and very...
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    SRT* (an another interpretation)

    This I do not understand myself. Maybe Socrates can shed some light on it for us. I can only speculate with an analogy like our universe rests on a full balloon filled with water and the mass on the balloon curves the fabric of the balloon. But what is this balloon that is curved. Again I...
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    Affirming many points here

    I want to apologize again for what I have said. I was drunk and I did not mean any of the words I said. Please forgive me. I will not question God again.
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    Affirming many points here

    Sorry to be so Bold in my last comment Torch Light. Had a few too many beers. I did try to read it, but it is too long to read, and I found major contradictions to science right away, with the formation of our solar system. I...
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    Affirming many points here

    I do not need to study it. IT makes no sense to me. And it contradicts all the astronomy knowledge to date. The knowledge thats makes sense and explains every little detail. The knowledge that makes this technology world function. With those theories you can not get micro chips or gps, or...
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    Affirming many points here

    You have never read any astronomy text books I see.
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    Changing jet stream, extreme weather linked to humans: study

    Another thread for the climate deniers to debate their ignorance in. Changing jet stream, extreme weather linked to humans: study - Technology & Science - CBC News Ever wonder why it was so cold for so long in certain parts of Canada. For my area it was for 2 years ending 2 years ago...
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    Diving into the unknown: What's physics after the Higgs boson?

    My knowledge of the proton may be outdated or forgotten. From what I can remember doesnt the observation of proton collisions fall victim to the uncertainty principle. Where as you might see inside a proton 3 quarks and gluon or maybe another time see 4 quarks, an antiquark, and a gluon. The...
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    SRT* (an another interpretation)

    I write about bubbles, because that is the metaphor taught to me. I can assure you I do not have the physical or mathematical knowledge to explain these bubbles with a formula. If you do. I would like to see. And also why post it here, no one would be able to understand it anyway, that is...
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    SRT* (an another interpretation)

    Matter is the stuff that fills space, and mass is a measure of quantity of that stuff. Higgs predicted the higgs Boson and they discovered a particle with the exact same properties at the LHC a few years ago. It does something like slow energy down from the speed of light. IT is not known...