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    German village of 102 braces for 750 asylum seekers

    German Village of 102 Braces for 750 Asylum Seekers Is Canada next
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    NDP paying phone canvassers $13 bucks an hour

    NDP was paying some Punjabi phone canvassers $13 (four bucks less than their English counterparts) | National Post If you're going to run on a platform of a $15/hr minimum wage you'd better practice what you preach.
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    New Mosque to have speakers that can be heard up to 15 miles away - In Birmingham UK

    New Muslim Mosque to Have Speakers That Can be Heard up to 15 Miles Away | bfnn This is going to be interesting -
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    Iran Publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel

    Iran publishes book on how to outwit US and destroy Israel | New York Post Interesting article
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    Anonymous Targets IS sympathisers

    Anonymous targets IS sympathisers This should be interesting.
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    Sony Pictures Imageworks opens studio in Vancouver

    Sony Pictures Imageworks unveils new Vancouver headquarters Some good business news.
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    City Council cancels lease - Will the Coyotes move and where?

    Glendale city council cancels arena lease agreement; what’s next for Yotes? I'd like to see either Seattle or Hamilton but Quebec City would be cool. I remember the old rivalry with Montreal.
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    BC Gains 31,000 jobs in May

    B.C. gains 31,000 jobs in May, private-sector employment surges across Canada I'm not sure if these stats include a bunch of part time minimum wage jobs, but we're still short of people in the North.
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    ATB financial prepares Alberta focused crowdfunding platform

    ATB Financial prepares Alberta-focused crowdfunding platform | National Crowdfunding Association of Canada With the number of entrepreneurs in Alberta I believe this is going to be a huge success
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    Don't Count Canada out just yet - TD Bank

    Don’t bet against Canada just yet, say TD economists As an economic developer I believe that the TD is right on this one. There is a lot of innovation happening and with the establishment of Tech hubs and innovation centres there is more help for the entrepreneur than ever before. The...
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    Man Sues rodeo company - Says bull called Slow Poke too violent

    Man sues B.C. rodeo company, says bull called Slow Poke was violent despite name Some people's children just don't get it.
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    Crowdfunding approved forsmall business in 6 Provinces

    Six provinces approve crowdfunding, Ontario to develop separate standards - The Globe and Mail This is a good thing. As I have a crowdfunding portal ( I'm a happy camper today.
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    Why ISIS atrocities will destroy it

    William Saletan: ISIS has burned itself with its latest atrocity | National Post Now that a Muslim Nation has effectively declared war on ISIS let's see how things will play out.
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    Search Warrants at Imperial Metals - Mount Polley Mine Spill

    Mount Polley spill: Search warrants executed at Imperial Metals - British Columbia - CBC News This could be interesting.....
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    Report says bitumen spill effects unknown

    Report says bitumen spill effects unknown By Bob Weber, Monday, February 02, 2015 @ 11:52 AM The federal government has been trying to hide legitimate concerns about the consequences of oilsands pipelines by keeping under wraps a report on the possible environmental threats such projects pose...