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  • I can not believe the ignorance of these interviewees. To say Romeo Dallaire chose not to act or was working for someone else is such an offensive claim. You clearly have little knowledge of anything that happened during this genocide. For one the UN's "secretary of defense" for lack of better words, willingly dealt over 20 million dollars worth of arms to the French knowing it would filter down to the Hutu's. I threw that in there just to show how corrupt the whole operation was. Secondly, the UN Defense Leader ordered the UNAMIR soldiers to only fire when fired upon so essentially the soldiers were of no use. What did you expect Dallaire to do? In the end by staying he did disobey orders because he believed that abandoning Rwanda would be cowardly. In his documentary he states that he wanted to stay for one reason being he could tell the story to the world and let them know what happened in "Hell". I am completely disgusted with the posters and the interviewers to even accuse Dallaire of such things. Completely cowardly and uneducated. It's embarrassing
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