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  • Sorry Guys, I just don't have the time to clean up after the two
    of you, retroactively, foa a weeks worth of BS in the two days
    I'm home for a fourth week in a row.

    I'm gone 'till Friday night, you're both gone 'till Friday night.
    Really enjoyed looking at your Arctic Photos, Kakato.........thanks so much for posting them. You are like my Eye on the Arctic. LOL!
    Hi kakato i have 1 year experience with a mid sized pay loader when i was cleaning corrals...manuer hauling and there was all types of ground conditions. Do you know any companies that would provide futher training to me if i was going to be a long term employee? I am also interested in a catering job on camp like for instance athabasca catering out of saskatoon.
    Kakato; You`re a very valuable source of information about mining, I was curious why you didn`t remain long term at one of them? I`m looking for a change in career, 0 mine experience, so was considering a mine mainly for the money and I don`t mind remote locations as long as the work environment is suportive and healthy to work in. I did browse the Agnico mine website in Nunavut and looks good, also read the Directors profiles and they seem perhaps like a good company to work with. Can you give us a wage expectation for your mine experience. Very much appreciated.
    yeah... they seem to yammer on about stupid ****... like oil is a new thing that the environment has just come to terms with... its in the ground, its gonna come out eventually, by us or nature... but, I see you were beating your head agaisn't the wall there, lol. Looks like a lost cause trying to explain it to people that have no god damn clue
    Those are great pictures of the North. Thanks for sharing them.
    Scary cold though.
    So the polar bear is following the boat, and the motor quits.........? They can probably eat while treading water, eh. Row like a bastard...lol.
    Definitely a different way of life. Good on ya.
    I thought it might be fun to start a private Fantasy Football league for us, private with the CCons, any group of 12 or so. I play every season. It is as good as any facebook app! lol !!!!
    It will give us a good reason to stay in touch and give each other some booyahs! Or some friendly grief!! lol !!!

    NFL.com, ESPN.com, FOXsports net, YahooSports has a good one. Any suggestions? Demands??? lol!!!

    Auto or live draft? Auto probably preferred with your pre-draft rankings.

    Write me back before Monday??
    I look forward to it.
    I can set it up or whoever...

    God Bless You
    May the Lord Grace your
    weekend with Angels!

    Mark Bellware
    May the Lord bless that corporation of yours, expand your business and enrich your life! It looks like you found one that will be the last to go down! lol !!!
    Peace out:fish:
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