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  • Bamboo Beach Fusion Grille is a very highly rated Asian fusion restaurant where you live JLM, if you wanted to make a Japanese food fanatic jealous. lol.
    I haven't been to Kentucky-Alleyne, but I read about it in my BC camping guide, and want to go. Is it a good place to camp in your opinion? I think you would like Otter Lake. I went the first week of September, VERY quiet and peaceful. Some spots like the one I got were right on the lake. Got skunked out on the fishing, but lots of beautiful scenery to check out! Cheers! :)
    Okay, I rehashed my post more politely. This is what happens when you don't post for awhile, you lose your articulation!
    Happy New Year to you as well. Having family home over the holidays and being sick, kept me away from the forum. An abscess tonsil had me laying pretty low for a solid couple weeks.
    thank you for leaving out the 'old' part.lol just read that last post in the canuck site that he wrote right after yours, I had to count to 475 before I decided not to post, but I wish I could physically reach him, i'd poke his
    eyes out, no, too messy, i'd slap him side of the head, then wash my hands.
    he's non existent for me, i'm moving on, he can suck up to others or torture
    others, whatever he wants, i've got more constructive things to talk about.
    and the more one argues back the more satisfied he is, and the worst thing
    they hate is being ignored.
    Oh not to worry, JLM. I have no intention of letting my guard down. I don't like people that continually bate others and I rarely stoop to doing so myself though I have little compunction about going after OB as she/he makes it so darn easy some times. LOL!
    He came on the NHL forum after I posted about the Jets, Habs, and Leafs all winning tonight. I was happy for all of them. He is a Jets fan. I wrote him back that I was glad we could find something to agree on and so far so good. He is not going to go away but at least I don't have to dodge him on the NHL forum too. I still dodge him on everything else..
    Thank you JLM. I did PM juan but have not got around to any of the others as they don't seem to post as often as you three.
    Hi JLM;

    Sorry to bother you but I am passed being tired of Cannuck in the Canuck topic. I am completely ignoring him as he is spoiling the topic for me with all his stupid circular arguments. I PM'd Barbara about this too and am thinking of doing the same to TP and juan - maybe if we collectively decide to ignore him - he will go away. Whadda ya think?
    Researchers Discover Underlying Cause of Lou Gehrig’s Disease – TIME Healthland

    Researchers report they've discovered a common cause of all forms of the fatal neurological disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or Lou Gehrig's disease. The findings, published in Nature, point to a possible new avenue for treatment.
    Small world indeed! I was at site # 72. I can't believe how many birds of prey I saw in this area. We had a barred owl visit our site all 3 nights! :)
    I didn't realize that you live in Vernon! I just came back from camping trip at Mabel Lake outside of Lumby. Vernon and that area is just beautiful! I would love to move there one day!
    I'll be checking your homework in the morning, here's some supplemental reading:
    Non sequitur - RationalWiki

    Guess I should rephrase that guess I do go on here and finally and learning to speak my mind. Even though on a totally random whim. I have read on here for the last two years off and on. Vancouver Island is the most beautiful place. I have been all over Canada. Saw the cold the snow find it amazingly funny that those I met from the States thought we were all snow and sand way up North eh.
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