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    I'M BACK!

    You can all relax now, I'm back!
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    Peace and War

    The choice is not between war and peace, it's between imperialist war, and class war. The perpetual drive for war in the name of imperialism can only be stopped through class struggle, class war, and revolution. The U.S. waged war on Iraq, not because of "weapons of mass destruction", but to...
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    Something bothering me on the news ...

    I've been watching the local news daily, only to hear the epithet "crack head" used again and again. In this day and age of "political correctness", how can this be permitted? Could it be due to the fact, most individuals addicted to crack are too busy finding ways to afford their addiction...
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    Thou vain fly-bitten pignut

    The Shakespear insulter:
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    Conformity and Convenience ... The Exploitation of indolence

    I have been dicsussing certain issues with an old friend of mine, and we both seem to agree that "Everything is about convenience". Convenience has become the central evil in the Universe. People don't recycle unless it's fed to them, people drive because it’s 'convenient'. People shop at...
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    What song was playing when you lost your virginity?

    For me, I can not even remember, but apparently it is a big deal to some people. So what song is it, that was playing when you lost your virginity?
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    Custom tagline?

    What is required of one around here, for the great honor of a custom tagline to be bestowed upon him? I would like "Iron Fist Socialist"
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    An Angle Straight to Hell.

    Fourty-Five Degrees South East. An Angle Straight to Hell. I guess I could be classified as a "true socialist" by definition, since I believe above all else, true peace may only be achieved when a government is under complete dictatorship of the proletariat. In sticking to this belief, I...
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    Leaders, followers, and CREATORS.

    The way I see it, there are only three basic types of people: leaders, followers, and creators. Leaders lead, followers follow, but creators, they create the reasons why the leaders lead. WHAT ARE YOU?
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    Bad is sometimes good, yet good, is never bad?

    Murder is wrong!! .. Isnt it? ... Oh wait, murder is wrong UNLESS it is in self defense, or you are at war, or the person "deserved it (death penalty). Yeah, that's it! Therefor, murder is not always "wrong". BUT ... we never think it is wrong to do such things as "feed the poor", despite the...
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    Direct Democracy, an option, or a Fairy tale?

    What are my fellow Canadian's opinions of direct democracy? Could it work?, and if so, under what circumstances? I believe nationally, it would fail, due to the inability of every Canadian citizen to regularly attend political meetings and thus, the obvious necessity for delegation of large...
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    The power of the right side!

    Feel the power, join the right side! First my apprentices you must complete the following tasks: 1. Rid yourself of all logic and everything logical. 2. Master the art of distraction and manipulation. 3. Remember that Advancement of the individual is defined solely in terms of financial...
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    Hopelessly Enslaved by Democracy

    Why is it, we seem to think we have somehow unlocked the mysteries of the universe by finding the ultimate cure for all things which we choose to call "democracy"? Is it not obvious we apparently feel it is justified to label everything else as "evil" thus, forcing our own beliefs and "freedom"...