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  • Thanks about your nice word :)
    but some one talk about Insulting my religious , I want to talk with admin , do you know where should I go ?
    I have in my possession a signed copy of MJ Preston's, The Equinox, (made out to some folks named gerry and brenda), what'll you give me for it?
    Yeah, he'd be the first to say "you don't know what you're talking about" if anyone posted something about reclamation projects and remediation. What a dunce. You can tell he's good with a shovel, he just needs to learn how to avoid digging in over his head! lol
    Merry Christmas Gerry, you're a good man, even if I don't always agree with all your views.
    Merry Christmas Gerry! I really enjoyed the debate we had yesterday! You and your family are in my prayers for much prosperity and joy in the new year! Cheers! :)
    *sigh* I am not going to be able to sleep until Mulk hits his hotel room. And being around here is just so freaking miserable. blech.
    lol... I was just joking. All the times I've neg repped you for personal attacks or disagreed with you about your tact, infracted you, etc. you've sometimes argued, demanded clarification, but you've never whined bitched or freaked out. I can't believe someone would spiral off that childishly over something so clear.
    I'd give you a thumbs down for that slam at talloola if the forum hadn't lumped the two posts together. :p
    lol... love that she doesn't seem to get that you're actually not rising to her baiting.
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