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  • one friend to another... you get to be my 'drunk monitor' tonight. It's a BAD night, I'm on so many meds it's not even funny. If I stop making sense, tell me. lol.
    psst.... make sure you go weigh in on Sal's kidney stone thread please. Just incase you missed it in your reading.
    lol. ah well. Some people fare better than others. You're just abnormally youthful. ;)
    ... and stop that! It's embarrassing for Karrie when you do that, she told me so herself. ROFL!!!!
    awesome - I sent about 10 lbs of leftovers with my daughter but I kept a good whack of turkey and there will soon be soup. Takes me awhile to get sick of all the things you can do with leftovers.
    lol yesh.... here I yam... hiding in plain sight again. :p How are ya? Get yer fill of turkey?
    I actually tried to call her and pop over tonight. No dice. Ah well, the spirit counts ;)
    why the hell would I want to bother reading him? Yuck. I've been avoiding the heavy convos right now. I'm exhausted and sick from the weekend, and overly emotional.
    Well yeah, I suppose it was. It was that or report him/her for spamming. Don't post something on a discussion forum and tell us it's not up for discussion. Ferfugsake.
    My dear friend. Keep in mind that people come here to argue EVERYthing. They will troll, and bait, at every possible turn because they are bored, and they aren't necessarily giving two thoughts to the fact that they might be picking at something beyond a faceless article. Take a deep breath, get your blood pressure back under control, and smile because you have friends on here who DO get it. Sending you some 'zen'. ;)
    Yeah. The combat helmet might come in handy though.

    It just reminded me of Bear's Usual Suspects picture. I'll get tired of it in a week and change it.
    Penguin, armed and ready for battle!

    You know us 25 year old computer nerds are just easily amused. ;)
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