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    Miniskirts, accessories with Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp photos 'disturbing and dis

    You mean like "Give her the new Zyklon B fragrance from Chanel, this Christmas" Coco Chanel ... was a collaborator with the NAZIs, btw
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    Arctic to be ‘functionally ice-free’ again in the next 50 years, study says

    .... another self-congatulatory circle jerk ...
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    So, for the last forty years, the consensus is "global warming" ... unless you work for an oil company.
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    2 unknown Naval officers ordered for UFO radar recordings be deleted: Report

    How do you delete Naval officers? Oh. I see.
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    'EXTINCTION CRISIS': Nature in worst shape in human history, UN report says

    Why, yes! Cliffy is a Jew! Didn't anyone tell you before?
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    "All gall is divided into three parts."
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    How did all those Climate Scientists get it so wrong? Obviously, they spread fake news around decades ago. Maybe, it was a conspiracy.
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    Our cooling world

    Snow in November!!! Scandalous!! The Ice Age is returning!!
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    Non, no, no! YOU are the all-purpose expert!
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    How the GW myth is perpetuated

    Still hating like the "Christian" that you thing you are, eh?
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    Hawaiian pizza with faux ham is an abomination unto the Lord.
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    Black holes are scientific fictions.

    Black Hole deniers are like Climate Change deniers. If you look hard enough, you'll find some kook who agrees with your prejudices.