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    The Latest News in Sports

    lol we didn't got a lot of sports news for the past year since we are in the middle of a lockdown, tho some places still are. but at the height of the pandemic online gaming and esports games did had quite a few updates as well from the world championships..
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    It's the sport of turning chimps into chumps.

    I have actually tried here before, it was not too bad but over all I had a great time with it. but if you are into E sports betting and e sports in general you might wanna visit bit-casinoesports one of the casino sites that really cater into e sports.
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    Leicester City win the FA Cup for the first time

    Well, you can't really blame them for celebrating 'too' much since it is their first time to win especially against Chelsea. Also nice to see that they were able to put up a good game. I do hope that there are a lot of other teams who will catch up to this standard.
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    Doctor Who

    Doctor Who is actually a great series to watch. It's just a timeless classic
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    'Marrying Millions' star Bill Hutchinson charged with raping unconscious teen at Laguna Beach vacation home

    This is really disturbing. Are there any reasons why he has to rape a teen? I mean he has millions of dollars. Why don't he just hire someone for his pleasure or find a sugar baby. There has to be a reason. With the amount of money he has, he can easily buy himself a service.
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    Canada's New Governor General Designate

    I am so happy too! This is very historical for Canada. In fact, it’s another milestone set in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office. To those who are not familiar with Mary Simon, she is a former broadcaster, civil servant, and diplomat. Her indigenous group is Kangiqsualujjuaq in Quebec.
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    CBC vet Wendy Mesley calls it quits after 38 years

    I agree! I do believe that the decision is really unreasonably unrelated to Mesley’s apology for twice due to the racial slurs/remarks. I read somewhere that Chuck Thompson, the CBC head of public affairs, is it (?), said that the decision made would not be coming back in the fall.
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    Cowessess First Nation says 751 unmarked graves found near former Sask. residential school

    Oh yeah! I have also read this interesting fact somewhere. I learned that Children were frequently buried in unmarked graves on or near school grounds to save money. Officials say it's conceivable that determining the entire number of children who died at the schools may be difficult, in part...
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    Tokyo Olympics

    Last night, I saw videos on facebook showing how there were so many protesters against the Olympics. I knew that there are many people who hated it but I never knew that someone would really go to the extent of water gunning the torch during the ceremony. It was crazy.
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    The End of the Green Party?

    Im not that familiar with this and this issue. May I ask more details about it? This piqued my interest and it really made me want to learn about it so that I may have an opinion about it too.
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    Space Thread

    Wow, that's amazing! I am actually amazed with stuff that concerns space. I think that the footage are amazing and very clear, it's quite hard to think how they were all captured. That is impressive and nice to look at.
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    Any Dogecoin investors here??

    Hello there! I am just new to cryptocurrencies and I am wondering what brands accept it in Canada? I am so interested in trying to spend it and make some purchases with it. It'll be really really cool, I think. I am still think about on what should I pick Reference...
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    Wokeism will DESTROY civilization… here’s how to stop it before it’s too late

    I do think that being too woke is a cancer for many people. They think they are right even if they are just putting up their opinion. That is just one way to make sure that we do keep our plans in motion for what we can do. After all, putting up an opinion is far from telling the truth. but...
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    Biden Has Rock Solid Approval

    Well he is the best we have so far, and I think we can all agree that he has done well when it comes to giving all that we need so far. I think it is best for us to at least come up with a way to keep him supported in the long run if we want him too.
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    Tiny creature, frozen for 24,000 years in Siberia, comes back to life

    Yeah i have read about this one, and i think that it is really scary enough to think that it can even come up with a virus that could kill us all. I mean they should have just left it frozen or even take it out to prevent that from happening. Even if there is a chance, i’ll take it.