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At least he had to admit it so calling him a coward is BS really

If you ahaven't figured out the catholic pedophiles are just the TIP of the iceburg running the whole show
sorry for you
Maybe they weren't in your community like they have been here in the oldest christian community in upper canada
lucky you

He's being called a coward for taking all his claims and videos down. Hopefully the lawsuit sinks him like Hogan did to Gawker.......
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he was wrong
you apologize and remove that's the legal standard

"Most corrections are the result of reporting errors or typographical mistakes, although sometimes the newspaper was provided incorrect information."

Further reading[edit]
Amster, Linda, and Dylan Loeb McClain. Kill duck before serving: red faces at The New York Times: a collection of the newspaper's most interesting, embarrassing, and off-beat corrections. New York: St. Martin's Griffin, 2002. ISBN 0-312-28427-6. (external - login to view))

have you not seen "absence of malice?"

I suppose it's OK if you are a Hitlary supporter though eh?

"EXCLUSIVE: Child rape victim comes forward for the first time in 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a 'liar' who defended her rapist by smearing her, blocking evidence and callously laughing that she knew he was guilty"

Read more: Arkansas rape victim comes forward after 40 years to call Hillary Clinton a
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Cernovich breaking news on Alex Jones at 2:15 pm eastern

...about how the real story is the people who have been set up with ruffies and children so the deep state can get control of them. This applies especially to the people screening Trumps appointees, who are NOT the type that would go for the types of situations where they can get ruffied in the first place.

Cernovitch is saying the people to investigate are the ones handing out the security clearences - they are the ones already compromised

Cernovitch is saying the original PIZZAGATE was a false flag in order to try to deflect from the actual pedos and how they actual are operating.

Cernovitch was one of the breakers of the "Rice spying on trump" story and this is his next breaking news story

This is what the deep state is really scared off he is saying

I'll put up a link when it shows up on youtube later

see also
Worldwide elite pedophile ring exposed on Dr. Phil show (external - login to view)

Alex Jones breaks down the lack of reporting on the current global attack on pedophile networks.

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver discusses the human trafficking epidemic in the U.S. from California, the state with the most reported cases of human trafficking.
Recently in Florida three university students were arrested for prostitution in which two of the students were females engaging in sex in exchange for money, while one male student was arranging the encounters and essentially pimping the girls.
One of the girls who was arrested can be seen in her Facebook profile picture with former President Bill Clinton at a campaign event during Hillary Clinton’s presidential run.
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Sexual Abuse at Choate Went On for Decades, School Acknowledges

Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite boarding school in Wallingford, Conn., acknowledged decades of sexual abuse by former teachers against the students entrusted to their care in a report on Thursday.

The report, written for the board of trustees by an investigator at the law firm Covington & Burling LLP, documented the actions of at least 12 former faculty members, beginning in the 1960s and into the 2010s. The claims of abuse include instances of “intimate kissing,” “sexual intercourse” and “forced or coerced intercourse.”

The report said that no current faculty members were implicated in abuse and that there were no reports relating to current students. In some cases, administrators had written letters of recommendation for teachers who resigned after being confronted with evidence of misconduct.

“Our interviews and school records showed that sometimes the school moved quickly and decisively,” the report said. “In other cases, it was slower to respond and allowed the faculty member to remain at the school, sometimes with restrictions on his or her activity, for a considerable length of time.” (external - login to view)

...and the guilty have moved on with references....
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Private schools, painful secrets
More than 200 victims. At least 90 legal claims. At least 67 private schools in New England. This is the story of hundreds of students sexually abused by staffers, and emerging from decades of silence today....

...The Globe also found 11 cases in which private school employees who were accused of sexual misconduct went on to work at other schools — an echo of the Catholic church scandal in which abusive priests were often moved to other parishes. (external - login to view)

you like that pizza eh?

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