West coast madness- couple fined for brown lawn in drought

California can't stop the crazy. A couple that cut back on watering their lawn to conserve water in drought stricken California, may be fined up to $500 for having a brown lawn (external - login to view). If that wasn't bad enough, the State's new drought measures empower cities to fine citizens up to $500 for watering the lawn...

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How much is a bucket of green dye and a spritzer bottle?
Huh, before Los Angeles had access to Colorado River water, they constructed a plant (external - login to view) to turn wastewater into potable water. The treated water was of better quality than imported aqueduct water:

That's the future in California, over 80 years ago they were already recycling waste water. Now they are trucking salmon upstream to their spawning grounds. Wild west.
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Bureaucratic maddness.
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Bureaucratic maddness.

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Seriously, brown grass is an "Eyesore" and therefore you can be fined?

Fk'n 1st world problems right there.
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