American Political Game

Hi! I discovered a new simulator, his name it's American Political Game, we need players for continue playing, specially we need Democrats. In this game you will start as US Representative representing your district in the House but first you need to select one of the 2 big parties or run as independent.

You can run in the elections managing your campaign and winning the elections, you can run for Senator and if you want to be the most important politician in your state, you can run for Governor. If you don't want to be politician you can be lawyer, judge etc... if you do a good job you can be the President of the Supreme Court of the USA!!!

And for the players that doesn't have time, I recomment to them to work as a journalist. If you are interested, please come to the game and play!!!

American Political Game (external - login to view)


For join a party you need to do this:

Go to this link and do one post like this:

apg.swinkgame...oger-cruz-r-tx/ (external - login to view)
Democrat, I can do that, let's give sometyhing away. I can't possibly go to a place csalled swink.
captain morgan
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I'm gonna play.

Once I get the power, I vow to rename my State 'Tiny Town'... There will be a terror in Tiny Town... A terrible terror

Once I gain power I'll drink all day, I yuou have a problem with that yoi'll be broght before the eternal beer fountain and strangleed
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We should merge States... I see much merit in legislated all day consumption.
dafuq is this sh!t?
captain morgan
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Little people terrifying tiny towns

The steely eyes, sneer and black hat... I don't know about you, but it's pretty terrifying to me
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