Somerset Kentucky Goes Socialist on the Supply of Gas for Autos

Drivers will have a new option for filling up when the city of Somerset's fueling station goes public.

It's setting up shop with a refinery that reopened in January of 2013 and city officials expect that to make the price of gas more regionally competitive.

The fueling station already powers the city fleets. Monday, their cost-per-gallon was $3.10. That's compared to the going rate of stations along I-75 that were charging $3.74 the same day.

George Wilson, the city's economic development business coordinator, said they will keep cost down by using the Continental Refinery in Somerset.

"All of our product is purchased here locally," said Wilson.

Because the gas is not transported from refineries in Knoxville or Lexington, they hope to keep the price similar to London or Corbin that have historically been cheaper.

The Mayor, Eddie Girdler, says they already sell natural gas to the public so this was the next logical step.

He and the city council decided to make the fueling station a commercial operation after several residents complained about the price of gas in Somerset.

"We don't want to interfere with free enterprise," said Plumer. "We want to feel a competitive force so our citizens here in Somerset don't pay more for gasoline than they do in surrounding areas."

UPDATE: Somerset Prepares For City Gas Station To Go Public - ABC36 News WTVQ Lexington Kentucky (external - login to view)
How is this socialism? The gubmint is not controlling/owning the means of production.
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I see it as responsible government getting the best bang for taxpayers buck.

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