Funded by Tides Cowboys & Indians stage a feisty protest in DC


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Visitors to the National Mall this week might have noticed an unusual addition to the monuments and Smithsonian museums: a collection of tipis. They were brought there by groups of Native Americans and Canadian First Nations, from as far away as British Columbia, and set up as an encampment to convince President Obama to reject the proposed Keystone XL pipeline. They were the central staging ground for a week of action, culminating in a march and rally on Saturday, by the Reject and Protect (external - login to view) coalition. The theme of the week: “Cowboys and Indians.”

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Cowboys and Indians stage a feisty Keystone XL protest | Grist (external - login to view)
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Bloc Québécois
Keep shipping it by rail I guess
The Indians up here want the line. Let's start an Indian war.
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