Trolling the White House with some fruit

Alex Smith, chairman of the College Republican National Committee, Cassie Williams, executive assistant of the CRNC, and Maggie Cleary thought that the simple visual aid of apples and oranges might make the White House rethink its perspective on paycheck fairness.

Even White House press secretary Jay Carney fumbled an explanation (external - login to view) of pay inequity in the Obama administration today, citing experience and education as reasons for the White House pay gap.

Vickie Rennie @vickierennie (external - login to view) Follow (external - login to view) Jay Carney makes ME dizzy from the spin. "Yes, the White House pay is not equal, but it is less equal elsewhere." How does he not laugh?
6:14 AM - 8 Apr 2014 (external - login to view)

Maybe Carney should get a clue from Smith and her friends.

Cassie Williams @cassielee514 (external - login to view) Follow (external - login to view) Gender-based wage discrimination has been illegal since the Equal Pay Act of 1963. Respect and enforce current laws. Don't create new ones.
10:04 AM - 8 Apr 2014 (external - login to view)

more here:

On Equal Pay Day, they ‘trolled the White House with some fruit’ [pic] | Twitchy (external - login to view)
Obama is anti-woman; otherwise he would pay them at the same rate as men.
captain morgan
Bloc Québécois
How much time did she waste on this when she could have been making sammichs for the Pres?

PS - To Balls Tears; is lunch for the President referred to as the First Sammies?

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