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Chris Christie, ******* of the Day for March 27, 2014
by TeaPartyCat (external - login to view) ()
Yesterday Chris Christie released the findings of the investigation into the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge, which he said cleared him.
Well, sort of.
First, this is an investigation run by his people (external - login to view). So letís rephrase it to Chris Christie investigated himself and found himself to be innocent of all wrongdoing. Now Gov. Christie is no idiot, and heís even a former prosecutor, so he must know this is completely worthless except as PR. I canít imagine when he was a prosecutor that he trusted the accused to investigate themselves and then take their word for it that they were innocent. Because thatís basically what heís done here.
Second, even though the feds and the New Jersey legislature are both investigating the Bridge scandal, Christie launched his own, and used $1 million in taxpayer money. And for what? PR. A chance to keep his presidential hopes alive until other investigations are complete. This recalls a previous time he wasted New Jersey taxpayer dollars on his presidential campaignó back in June he decided to hold a special election for Senate which cost $24 million, even though he could have had the special election rolled into the general election just a few weeks later. And why did he do that? To run up his margin of victory to help his presidential prospects (external - login to view).
Third, after this totally biased investigation, thereís still problems. Wildstein says he told Chris Christie on 9/11/2013 about the lane closures. Even Christieís biased report says they talked. But what did they talk about? Christie canít remember. But, and hereís the best part, he remembers they didnít talk about the lane closures (external - login to view):
During the ABC News interview, anchor Diane Sawyer asked Christie if Wildstein had in fact talked to him about traffic on Sept. 11.
"I donít have any recollection of that, Diane," Christie said. "David was one of hundreds of people that I spoke to that day. We stood around and spoke briefly that day."
Christie continued.
"I donít have any recollection of him saying anything, but Iíll tell you this, Iíll tell you what he didnít say ó he didnít say, ĎHey by the way, governor, Iím closing down some lanes on the George Washington Bridge to stick it to the mayor. Is that OK?í" Christie said. "That Iíd remember."
"That Iíd remember." Well, Iíd say weíre taking your word for it. Also it wasnít a scandal that threatened your administration and your presidential prospects then, it was just another petty vindictive revenge scheme that your staff cooked up on your behalf. Something so routine that none of your very top advisors even thought to question whether it was a good idea or whether it would be against your wishes. I recall your staffís attitude at the time as being ďTime for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.Ē (external - login to view) So ďthat Iíd rememberĒ rings false to me. The most chilling part of this whole story is how routine something like this was to Christieís staff, so Christie could be accurate in saying he doesnít remember what they talked about, but itís not necessarily true that he can remember NOT talking about it. Right?
So, to review: Christie spent $1 million of taxpayer money to run his own investigation of his own actions and the best he can do is ďI talked to the guy, but I donít remember what he said, and Iím sure he didnít mention THAT.Ē Itís a big waste of money that proves nothing, but Christie went through with it, and acts like this phony investigation clears him, and for that he is the ******* of the Day.
It is Chris-Christie (external - login to view)'s fifth time as ******* of the Day. Previous wins were for
  • wasting $24 million on a special election just to run up the score in his own reelection (external - login to view)
  • saying if he had a gay son, heíd deny him marriage rights too (external - login to view)
  • hiring petty, mean, vindictive people as his top advisors, all of whom were sure he shared this attitude (external - login to view)
  • knowing about the lane closures (according to David Wildstein, who orchestrated it) (external - login to view)
Full story: TPM Livewire (external - login to view) and TPM (external - login to view)
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