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Donald Rumsfeld, ******* of the Day for March 25, 2014
by TeaPartyCat (external - login to view) ()
The Iraq War was a disaster sold on lies. Donald Rumsfeld was front and center on that one. And his arrogance never stopped, no matter how many things he was wrong on:
  • Wrong on weapons of mass destruction
  • Wrong on number of troops needed to occupy the country
  • Wrong on what it would take to end the war
Wrong, wrong, wrong. So it’s always a shock when he speaks out with an opinion on foreign policy or the military. Since he can’t acknowledge how horribly wrong he was a decade ago, why would we think he’s learned anything from it and can speak reasonably now?
And yet here he is talking about Afghanistan (external - login to view):
“Take for example that we have status of forces agreements probably with 100, 125 countries in the world,” the former secretary of defense ranted angrily. “This administration, the White House and the State Department, have failed to get a status of forces agreement.”
“A trained ape could get a status of forces agreement,” he added. “It does not take a genius.”
Now I’m not sure that Rumsfeld was in the moment thinking about the history of racist comparisons of black men to apes. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. I’ll leave it as an open question for my readers— was Rumsfeld being racist with this comparison? Leave me a comment on that.
(NOTE: Turns out he uses that exact phrase a lot, and not just for Obama. (external - login to view))
But even if it’s not a racist statement, it’s just so ridiculously arrogant for a man who was at the center of the biggest foreign policy and military ****up of the last 40 years— the Iraq War— to be complaining about the way someone else does it. The only time I care what Rumsfeld thinks would be if he had the awareness to complain about when someone else was doing what he did and acknowledging what a disaster it was last time.
So for complaining that Obama is not handling foreign policy like the Bush administration did, which was a ****ing disaster, Donald Rumsfeld is the ******* of the Day.
It is Donald Rumsfeld (external - login to view)'s second time as ******* of the Day. His previous win was for saying Obama didn’t act like a commander-in-chief (external - login to view).
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How come Rummy and his supporters Bush and Cheney haven't been Indicted yet to appear in the World Court for crimes against humanity?
I wonder if there isn't something wrong with the world court.
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You are picking on them because the fought a needless war on a credit card?
These guys proved they were the worst of all alternatives in power. They set
the economy back decades and the actions of going into Iraq may prove to be
the influential undoing of America
I don't think the trained ape was racist. It was no doubt his opinion and probably meant just literally. Until I read the opinion piece, I never even made the connection -- of course I don't go around assuming monkeys mean black men either. Doesn't stop him from being a liar and an a$$hole but not a racist (at least from what he said here).
Newspaper apologises for showing Obamas as apes

Newspaper apologises for showing Obamas as apes (external - login to view)
So the implied race-baiting bold in the blog post was answered (pretty much) after it was updated or editted by the article's author.

Rumsfeld uses that phrase a lot.
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A Status of Froces Agreement in Afghanistan is no easy task. That's the document that put all foriegn soldiers beyond the reach of Afghan law. That allowed the US and NATO to help themselves to land they deemed necessary to hold. That exmpted them from taxation. All necessary conditions, really, but still not the kind of document you draw up on the back of an envelope. SOFA's have become a major political issue in many countries, such as South Korea and Japan.
Why does Obama want to keep US forces in Afghanistan permanently? Hasn't he had enough?
vast lithium deposits they say
Quote: Originally Posted by darkbeaverView Post

vast lithium deposits they say

It seems as if lithium is priced in American blood. What an incredible shame!
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Quote: Originally Posted by HighballView Post

How come Rummy and his supporters Bush and Cheney haven't been Indicted yet to appear in the World Court for crimes against humanity?

How about because they didn't commit any crimes against humanity? Could also be others.

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