George P. Bush begins political career with win


FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — George P. Bush took the first step toward continuing his family's political dynasty Tuesday, shaking off an under-funded primary challenger and securing the Republican nomination for the little-known but powerful post of Texas land commissioner.

The 37-year-old Fort Worth attorney is the grandson of former President George H.W. Bush, nephew of former President and Texas Gov. George W. Bush, and son of ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who is frequently mentioned as a possible GOP White House hopeful in 2016.


George P. Bush begins political career with win
He looks like Tom Long. If they knew who, down there, that would scare the bejazus outa them.

or.......maybe not.
Free Thinker
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Another Bushwhacker snake in the grass. That is the smile of a used car salesman if I ever saw one.
Haters just gotta hate heh?
lone wolf
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Three Georges.... Nothing original?
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Another George Bush.......Shows little imagination....Get a job George....
With diabold in his corner he would have won if he was the 'under-funded' one.

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