The 2008 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo

The 2008 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo is sure to be one of the most informative expos to grace Toronto in a long time. With such speakers as Dr. Robert Bell, Col. Claude Hines, Jr. and Kelli Bravo just to name a few, the conference combines all the aspects of the technology and health world with top-notch companies in the presence such as Microsoft, Adobe, Telus, Cisco Systems and many more.

One of the most notable companies that will be attending this illustrious event is Microsoft. Worldwide it has about 78 565 employees fueling this well-oiled machine that is known as Microsoft. In 2007, Microsoft took up the technology scene with yearly Net revenue of 51.12 billion and a Net income of 14.07 billion. With Microsoft attending the Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo, it will sure to be one for the ages.

Another company that will be contributing to the Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo will be Adobe. Adobe is responsible for most business files with about 250 million PDF files across the World Wide Web alone. With the launch of the PDF file in 1993, Adobe hasnít slowed down from there yet. Mark James, the Acrobat business development manager of Adobe will be in attendance speaking about the new technologies and innovations that Adobe has to offer.

Col. Claude Hines Jr. (Program Manager of the U.S. Department of Defense Theater Medical Information Program Ė Joint) will be in attendance at the Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo. He will speak about the development and success of the Theater Medical Information Program- Joint. Also he will keep the public informed about the integration process of the applications that support the TMIP-J. His presentation will teach everybody about U.S military technology.

The government and health expo is bound to be a very incitfull presentation. The line up of speakers will exceed expectations. There will be a lot of speakers talking about their respected companies and sponsors.

Another of the companies I am truly looking forward of seeing what they have to offer is Pro Curve (Networking by HP). They provide wireless and wired solutions with their foundations that are based on the Adaptive Networks. This strategy makes is easier for networks to adapt to the users and vise versa.

Emergis, a Telus based company will also be at the show. They specialize in IT health as well as financial sectors. The company strives to develop IT solutions that make everyday transactions and exchange of information to make it more efficient and reliable to its customers and also with quality precision. The Government and Health Expo will be pleasured to have them be apart of this wonderful event.

I am also looking forward to seeing what the New Toronto Group or "NTG" has to offer. They provide Adobe services and products such as Connect, Acrobat Reader, Flex Flash, Flash Media Server and LiveCylce all across North America. In 2007 NTG got a real boost when they were awarded a contract to have their product Adobe Connect integrated in all Ontario Board of Education computers. I hope they will bring to the table what they have been doing for a long time, plus more.

Although there are many security companies around the globe, one of the best will be in attendance at the Expo. Securit is a world class security company that has 140 branches in a total of 16 countries. They specialize in integrating data and solutions that manage and reduce risk for consumers. These services include record management, data protection and Shred-it document destruction. I will also be looking forward to seeing what they have to offer in terms of security solutions and new innovations.

The Government and Health Expo 2008 will feature not only one type of presentations but many. I cannot wait to hear and see what the joint programs of The Centre for Security Science, Defence R&D Canada (DRDC) and Public Safety Canada have to talk about. Their duties include responding to the needs of the Canadian Forces and national securities communities in a technological matter. The way they go about responding is that they have a system that ties to the industrial, international allies and other government communities to make sure they have the right needs to fulfil the Canadian Forces.

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Perhaps if Canada experienced doctors who didn't lie under oath...Ontarios chief pathologist and so many people didn't die from poor practices misdiagnosis and weren't regarded by the medical "community" as the cornucopia of pharmaceutical wealth there'd be reason to welcome this event.

Ufortunately Canadians have been sold a bill of goods by the "doctors" and "medical community" in Canada for decades.

There really ceases to be a "doctor" in the more truthful/historical sense of the word.

"Doctors" are now "businessmen" with a blank cheque on the Canadian people, while stuffing their pockets full of money from pharmaceutical corporations and demonstrating time and time again that "medicine" has become a racket similar in many respects to Ontario Casinos and lotteries. They have no oversight on practices that isn't managed by a disinterested third party, much like putting the fox in charge of henhouse security.

The "White-coat Myth" is alive and well in Canada and in Ontario in particular.
I am excited to attend the 2008 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo, which is going to be held at the Design Exchange in Toronto, Canada. Meeting the professionals from different organizations like SSHA, Privasoft, TELUS, Morrison hershfield, UHN, GAO RFID would be something I would like to attend the event for. Last years event was awesome and I hope this year it enfolds a lot more. Very thought of attending the event left me with a thirst to know what’s more they have for this year’s conference.
I was overwhelmed to see that every bit of the 2007 Government & Health Technologies Conference was well organized with loads of activities on a bigger margin last year. I do expect a better outcome this year. Right from Web 2.0, Patient Monitoring system, Automated case management solutions, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Mobile Data Systems, RFID Solutions to Biometrics, all the important aspects that brought remarkable revolution to technology in the healthcare and public service industry are focused this year.
Apart from all the sessions and activities, I came to know from different sources that its giving a platform for key IT professionals, Government officials, developers, architects, engineers and medical professionals giving them an opportunity to interact and share their unique knowledge on the techniques for the reliable, effective management of all public information services.
I guess the different sessions focusing on diversified topics by different organizations will be definitely flawless. To know that there will be stuff starting from management of medical information by US military or e-Health implementation by SSHA in Ontario, opening keynote by UHN President and CEO to Dr. Robert Bell on GTx Image Guided Therapy, all excites me with a thirst to get loads of precious knowledge on such concepts.
To be frank and to be honest at the same time, I myself learned a lot new stuff last year which I never knew and never even gave a thought to and that’s what is making me equally cautious to attend the upcoming 2008 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo. On the whole this event is definitely going to be a great success. The time out given last year turned out to be a good opportunity for me to interact with the delegates and this time I will make sure to exchange numbers to be in touch further.

Assuming for the moment this isn't an ad campaign for another touchy-feely wallow in self-congratulation and mutual self-admiration, how big a topic among the "professionals" is the accountability factor? How much energy is being spent on for instance simply getting doctors and nurses to wash their hands between patients, reducing hospital spread infections...etc.?

How much time is spent addressing the modern plagues of fast-food and "consumerism" in creating the obesity diabetes and so many other modern illnessess?

How much time and energy is spent talking about holding the medical system from government down accountable to the people paying the bills?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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