Players and fans brawl during New Brunswick junior hockey game

This is what Karrie called "Going all Canada"
Looks like it was started by a player. Hiring extra security to police the fans won't help this. I would hope a suspension of the player will be in order.
Tame compared to the Salmonbellies lacrosse riots back in the 90s.

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This is what Karrie called "Going all Canada"

'Miss Congeniality' charged in Vancouver riot | CTV Vancouver News (external - login to view)
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lol... we went to see a fight and a hockey game broke out
Poor parenting.
bill barilko
The player who went over the boards should be banned for life from any hockey facility in the country.

League officials and coaches should all be fired for being unable to conduct a civilised match.
They should close the rink down forever!
Easterners are goofy. Used to have wingdings all the time when Fredericton and Oromocto high schools played back in the day.
Hoof Hearted
I played competitive Juvenile hockey...

Had to get the Cops out more than a few times to some of our games. Only in Canada, eh?
That actually looked fun. If there was beer at the game then id likely would have drop kicked the guy while he tried climbing the glass. :P

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