Super Bowl 2017

Curious Cdn
Apparently, Brady's boyfriend stole his dirty Jersey so that he can sniff it while he masterbates. The boyfriend, an ex-Marine, denied the whole thing and deflected it away by blaming the Democrats for the theft.
you sure got the inside scoop
peep hole?
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There's something sinister about the Patriots.. Deflategate, Tight End Aaron Hernandez (convicted and accused in a triple murder), Bill Belichick's spying on opponents play signals.. and a lot that goes unreported. They are kind of the NFL Mafia family.. its criminal aristocracy.. Belichick the Godfather.

I wouldn't use the word sinister but they're definitely cheaters and a stain on the NFL. You try and teach your children about honor and integrity in sports and the NFL allows the Patriots to do what they do. I'm definitely not as big an NFL fan as I used to be simply because of the Pats
Eaglecrack loves Belicock.,
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Eaglecrack loves Belicock.,

Ludlow you are salty, depressed, and still suppressing your same sex desires I see.
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Ludlow you are salty, depressed, and still suppressing your same sex desires I see.

They may have those Troomp love dolls out on the market Eaglecrack. You might purchase yours and take it dancing this evening. .
You would know!

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