2017 Canadian Figure Skating Champions

Nicolas Nadeau. Remember that name if you follow Canadian figure skating. He was the first skater to take to the ice as the Men's Free Skate completion got underway at the Canadian National Figure Skating Championship last night. His performance brought the entire audience to their feet in a well deserved standing ovation. He was spellbinding. He is also the holder of the 2016 Silver Medal at the Junior World's. He scored 165.40 for a 238.22 and wound up in fourth place an excellent finish for Nicolas.

It was a welcome beginning after the Men's Short skate on Friday night which was rife with gaffes, missed jumps and falls. It set a the tone for what was to follow which one was one of the better Men's frees skates I've seen. Kevin Reynold's landed all but one of his jumps and his performance earned him the Silver Medal. Nam Nguyen of Toronto also had a solid performance earning him the Bronze Medal.

Patrick was the last competitor to take to the ice. He too had a forgettable short program and though sitting on top needed a strong performance if he wished to stay there and earn his 9th Canadian Men's Championship. I held my breath until he landed the first quad without so much as a hitch and let it out as he followed that with a perfect triple - which in the past has failed him - tonight he nailed two of them. Skating to a composition named 'The Journey' which was composed by none other than 6th time Pairs' Champion Eric Radford, Patrick was all but flawless easily executing his routine with grace, poise and spirit. It was a well-earned Gold Medal performance that came just 3 points short of 300.

During the week Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir easily skated their way to their 9th Canadian Dance title in spite of taking a year's hiatus from competition.

Megan Duhamel and Eric Radford after finishing top of the roster in the short program and in spite of a bad fall by Megan during the Free skate were able to capture Gold in the Pair's event - their 6th Canadian Pair's Championship win.

Kaetlyn Osmond won Gold and the title of Canadian Women's Champion.
How about the Leafs?? What position are they in??
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This was 5 years ago. Nam, a young junior champ, visiting my daughter's skating club.
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This was 5 years ago. Nam, a young junior champ, visiting my daughter's skating club.

Way cool, Kreskin.

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