Back in the Day

Hoof Hearted
Thought this thread could share some 'remember when?' type of stories...

When I was 10 years old, my Dad would give me a 2 dollar bill (remember those?) to clean his golf clubs. That was a King's Ransom for me. I'd bike down through the back fields to the local Convenience Store in Quebec, and really go to town! A bottle of coke...a bag of chips...chewing gum...freezies...a chocolate bar!

That era when you spent all day outside and the rule was...back on the property when the Sun went down.

<sigh> To be 10 years old again.
The best times I remember as a kid were when I played little league baseball. I was a pretty fair shortstop and a good hitter. But it was just a fun thing as a kid.
The world is a much better place now.
Hoof Hearted
The world is a much more dangerous place now.

As a 10 year old boy in 1976, my life was filled with unbridled curiosity which I experienced in the safe outdoors...because most of the women stayed home and controlled the Community.
Canada is total opposite of the Sonoran desert I grew up in. Never any snow.. Dust storms during monsoon season. Walking barefoot around the neighborhood in the summer in 120 degree heat lookin for any patch of grass to cool our feet. Or a good ole shade tree to lay down under. I loved it. And when my time comes, I want to be taken back to my home town. I love Phoenix.

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