Sense of Purpose

Hoof Hearted
At what age did you lose your sense of purpose.

Or do you still have it, but it has changed over time?
Curious Cdn
My sense of porpoise has slowly ebbed away over time as I am not able to hold my breath underwater like I used to.
Lost it when I got sick
When I got the tax bill.
Hoof Hearted
I ask this because I'm on powerful meds which knock a round out of me. So I'm either off the rails, or I'm Marvin Mellowfellow when med-compliant...there's no in between. Just wonder how much of my 'enthusiasm decline' is age related. I'm 51 years old.

I'm still pitching ideas to companies aside from my regular job. I have a happy work/life/family balance. For some reason though, I feel like I should be doing more creatively. I feel I've lost my edge either because of my meds or because of my age. Not sure which.
You need a hobby.
Hoof Hearted
Tonight I've just pitched a freelance idea of mine to a local cartoonist. I've just inspired myself with this thread. I'll let all of you know how my adventure into television advertising goes.

The idea is along the lines of the AFLAC Insurance Duck. I feel it's brilliant, but I think it'll take some artists who share my gutsy vision to pull this one off.

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