Alas you don't know Arabic and this marvelous soora

Soora 42 in the book of the Quran

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

1. Ha, Miem:

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Wisdom, O Mohammed! [: W. M.] a

[Then, after God – be glorified – described the Quran that it is wisdom, He started to describe His messenger, and said:]

2. Ayn Sien Qaf.

[These abbreviated Arabic letters mean:]

Mohammed is Arabian [: speaking your language], a Chief [: one of your chiefs], a Quraish i te [: one of the Quraish tribesmen.] b

[Afterwards, God – be glorified – started to address His messenger, and He said:]

3. Thus c has God, the All-Mighty, the All-Wise, revealed [the message] to you [Mohammed], and [thus had He revealed] to those [messengers or apostles] before you. d

4. To Him belongs all e that is in the heavens and all f that is on the earth g; He is the Most High h, the Most Great i.

5. The [gaseous] heavens over the [the earth and the other planets j] are about to split up [because they attribute sons and daughters to God.]

The angels celebrate the praises of their Lord k and ask [of God] forgiveness to those [believers] who are on the earth;

surely, God: He is the Most Forgiving, the Most Merciful [to believers
.................................................. .................................

1 a i.e. O Mohammed, it is for wisdom the revelation of the Book [: the Quran, including wisdom and admonition] from God, the All-Mighty, the All-Knowing.

2 b So the meaning is: Mohammed is Arabian like your folk, and is one of your chiefs and is a Qurais h i t e: one of your tribesmen, then why do you disdain from obeying him and complying with his command?

3 c i.e. As have We made you the chief of Quraish, thus does God reveal to you …
3 d i.e. the One Who has revealed to you and had revealed to them is God the Almighty, the All-Wise.

4 e The birds flying in the gaseous heavens.
4 f Beasts moving on the earth.
4 g And all of these creatures celebrate His praises.
4 h In His place.
4 i With His sovereignty.

More explanation is in the following link: (external - login to view)

Now this is the beautiful recitation of this great soora:


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(14) Thus, and so, forsooth He had emitted the gaseous emissions of Life unto us all.

(15) Time has arrived, for all, to equip with the energy devices around the Body, and to visit the Infidel in his home.
Quran 42: 6-8, which mean:
{6. And those [Christians] who take to themselves patrons besides Him –– God watches [and records] their [evil deeds], and you are not a guardian on their [guidance. ]

7. As such have We revealed to you an Arabic Quran [in the language of your people] that you may warn [Mecca:] the mother-city and [also to warn] those [cities] round about it, and that you may warn of the Day of Gathering, wherein is no doubt: a party [will be] in Paradise and a party in the Blaze.

8. If God had willed, He would have made them as one nation [submitting themselves to God]; but [some of them are monotheists and merciful and most of them are associaters and wrong-doers; so] He admits [the merciful] whom He pleases into His mercy [: His Paradise], while the wrong-doers will have neither patron [to take care about them] nor helper [to avert the doom from them.]}

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================================================== ==============

Quran 42: 9-12, which mean:

{9. Or Have they chosen [for protection] patrons besides Him? But it is God – He is the [True] Patron, and it is He Who quickens the dead: It is He Who has power over all things.

10. And [say to Christians:] “Whatever you are at variance on [concerning the birth or death of the Christ], the judgment thereof belongs to God [on Judgment Day, when He will punish you for contradicting the truth.]

That [One judging you with punishment] is God, my Lord; on Him I rely [to propagate the Islam religion], and to Him I resort [to grant me my requests and demands.]

11. [God: the] Splitter of the heavens and the earth;

He assigned for you mates of your species, and of the cattle [He assigned of their species] mates;

dispersing you in the [wombs of wives: males in some wombs and females in other wombsh];

there is not, as His likeness, anything [material or spiritual]; He is the All-Hearing, the All-Seeing.

12. To Him belong those [angels and prophets] invested [with their missions] in the heavens and the earth.

He outspreads the provision, to whomsoever He pleases, and straitens [it to others.]

Surely God has full knowledge of all things.}

The interpretation is by Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly.
More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

The rest of the explanation follows in the link above and what follows.
DO you think anyone cares?
You just cannot help yourself, can you Nassir? You are a zealot. It's no different than a drug addiction.

It is unhealthy to be so focused on one thing that it completely consumes your waking hours. But what dooms you, brings us joy.

Your zealotry will be your undoing, Nassir. You must learn to breathe! Your hate and confusion will destroy you.

Moodah says, the air enters and exits your body freely and easily, because it weighs nothing. It weighs nothing, but is essential to life. It is natural and important, yet we hardly notice it. Life and the love of others should be effortless, like breathing. Anything that takes up too much of your time, is too much to carry. Too weighty. Release the weight and be fulfilled. Release your hate. Live. Laugh. Love.
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Quran 42: 13, which means:

{13. He has prescribed for you [Muslims] that [same] religion which He had enjoined on Noah;

[that which We have revealed to you, Mohammed, is like that We had revealed to Noah, and like] that which We enjoined on Abraham and Moses and Jesus [saying]:

"Establish the religion [to God alone
a] and do not make divisions in it b.]

That [monotheism and refusal of the idols] – to which you invite the associaters – seems very difficult to them [because they blindly follow the program of their fathers.]

God chooses [out of them] for His [religion] those whom He pleases
c, and guides to His [neighborhood: in Paradise] those [believing Muslims] who turn [repentant and obedient to God.]}
.................................................. .................

13 a And abolish the idols by breaking them up.
13 b Because primarily it is the monotheism [and the exclusive devotion to God alone], discarding the idols, destroying the statues and obeying God Most Gracious.
13 c It means: the one whose intention is good, and his soul is good, his manners are noble, his heart is merciful, and he is truthful in his words; therefore, He will guide such one to the Islam religion and he will convert and believe. (external - login to view)

================================================== =============

Quran 42: 14, which means:
{[Then God – be glorified – started to describe the People of the Bible [: Jews and Christians], their contradiction and dissensions in the religion, and He said:]

14. They d did not fall into dissension [contradicting the true religion] but only after they had been acquainted e [that God is One]; and that was because of an enmity among themselves. f

And had it not been for that a word pronounced by your Lord [to postpone their punishment] till an appointed time [of their death], the matter would certainly have been concluded between them [so that We terminate them at once. g]

The [religious scholars] – coming after them and having the Scripture as inheritance – conceived serious doubt concerning the [falling of their people in the 'association'.] g g}
.................................................. ..................

14 d The people of Moses and Jesus.

14 e In the Torah and the Gospel, that God is One having no associate, but they deviated from their religion, divided and altered the religious law of their messenger [or apostle], and they associated in the worship of their Lord, so they worshipped the idols and stars of the sky.

14 f The dissension at the start was because of the enmity that occurred among themselves, so at the start they worshipped the idols for personal purposes, then it became a habit and custom.

14 g As had We terminated the nations who denied the messengers.

14 g g But they did not object to the deeds of their kings, neither did they forbid them from betaking and worshipping the idols. And they were silent because they feared for their positions. (external - login to view)

================================================== ==============

Quran 42: 15, which means:
{15. Therefore, call [your people, O Mohammed] to this [religion which was recommended to the prophets] h,

and keep up [your call i ] as you are commanded;

do not follow the desires of [ Jews and Christians, concerning that to which they invite you.]

And say: "I believe in the Scripture [: the Tablets which Moses] brought down [from] God;

I have been commanded [if you, Jews and Christians, seek after my judgment] to judge between you justly.

God is our Lord as is He your Lord [and we do not worship anyone else.]

We have our deeds, and you have your deeds
j; there is no argument k between us and you.

God shall bring [both of] us together [on Doomsday for Judgment], and to Him will the final resort be [after death.]"
.................................................. .....................

15 h It means: To such religion, call your people; which is the religion according to which the prophets were recommended: Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus; it means: Invite people to the monotheism [and the exclusive devotion to God alone], which those prophets followed, and follow you their program.

15 i And conveying the message.

15 j It means: If you do not follow our religion, then for us our deeds, and for you your deeds, then in the Next Life you will know which is the more correct: your religion or our religion.

15 k i.e. no dispute and wrangling between us and you. (external - login to view)

================================================== ============

Quran 42: 16, which means:
{16. And those [Jews] who argue concerning [the religion of] God a, after He has been acknowledged [by the believers] b, their argument is 'null and void' in the sight of their Lord c; wrath [of their Lord] is upon them d, and there awaits them a terrible chastisement [in the Next Life.]
.................................................. ...........

16 a They said: “Our prophet was before your prophet, our Book was before your Book, and our religion was before your religion; therefore, we are more worthy of the religion than you are, and you should follow our religion.”

16 b It means: After the Muslims responded to God, believed in His Book and followed His messenger.

16 c i.e. the argument of the Jews is a falsehood and is refuted in the sight of their Lord.
That is because had they been truthful in their words – that they are more worthy than Muslims are – they would have followed their own Book, and would not have contradicted the command of God and His statements.
For He commanded them with the monotheism and affirmed that to them in many pages of the Torah: that they should not worship any idol, calf, star, tree, sun or moon.
But they contradicted the command of God and worshipped the calf in the time of Moses their prophet; and after Solomon, they worshipped the Baal, Astaroth and the Star Sirius; and they altered their religion and changed their religious law.
Therefore, God sent many messengers (: apostels) to warn and threaten them of God’s punishment; but whenever any messenger came to them with what they did not desire: some of the prophets they denied, and they killed some others.

16 d Because of their disbelief in God’s revelations, and their denial of His messengers (apostles) and their association in worshipping others with Him. (external - login to view)

Moodah says a man should speak less to say more. Think of the nanny goat that stands in the field all day bleating. At first, people see and hear him. After a short time, he is ignored because he talks too much, but says nothing.


Quran 42: 17-18, which mean:

17. [It is] God Who sent down the [heavenly] scripture, including [the religion of] the truth, and the law [of justice]; and what will make you [Mohammed] know that the 'Hour' [of their death] may be imminent?

18. Only those who believe not in the [Hour] seek to hasten it on; but those who believe are fearful of it, and know that truly it is bound to come; and surely those who dispute concerning the 'Hour' are in far error [away from the truth.]}

More explanation at the link: (external - login to view)

================================================== ===================

Quran 42: 19, which means:
{19. God is Kind to His servants; He gives provision to whomever He likes [to provide, so as to try him]; He is the All-Powerful [in His sovereignty], the All-Mighty [in His kingdom.]}

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Moodah says that the words of some men are like the bleating of a goat. As soon as they begin speaking, they are ignored. The words are ugly or loud. They are often stories, exaggerations or lies. The only truth is the word one hears from within. Be guided by the universal serenity of nature.


Quran 42: 20, which means:
{20. Whoso desires the cultivation [in the life of the World, to have the harvest] in the Next Life, We give him increase in his cultivation.

And whoso desires the harvest [of the life] of the World, We offer to him thereof, but he will have no fortune in the Next Life.

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Moodah tells the story of the jack a$$ who was too loud to listen to and talked too much. He would go around all day, yelling and making outrageous noises. Soon, whenever the others saw him coming, they walked away. If you are like the jack a$$, others will walk away from you.


Quran 42: 21, which means:

[This aya was revealed for the dispraise of Jews:]

21. [Have Jews some false prophets who invented this program for them] or have they [some] associates [: angels] that legislated for them – such religion – that which God allowed not? c

And but for the 'discriminative word'd , the judgment would have been passed between them [by sending plague on them.]e

and surely the wrong-doers [among them will] have a painful chastisement [in the Next Life.]}
.................................................. ..................

21 c The answer is: No, neither this nor that.
The meaning: No false prophets came to allow for them the forbidden things, neither have they any associates out of the angels who legislated for them such religious program: to take the usury and the bribe, and to gamble, drink wine, forsake the washing after copulation, hold fast with the idols and worship the celestial objects; so neither did they allow this, nor did they legislate that for them; but in fact they acted according to their desires, and allowed the forbidden things according to their opinions.

21 d Discriminating them from the idolaters: that Jews are called: 'the people of the Scripture'.

21 e To destroy the disbelievers among them and spare the believers. (external - login to view)

================================================== ======

FINALLY FOR TONIGHT .. I ask God's forgiveness .. therefore I shouldn't say "Alas you don't know ..etc", .. therefore no alas
.. for had God known any goodness in any of them, He would have guided them to His religion of the "exclusive devotion to God alone" or the pure monotheism.

The wrong-doing veils their hearts from the guidance.

Moodah tells us the story of the man who spoke only to hear his own voice. Yet, he thought himself to be very important. He considered himself a wise man. A seer. He would go from place to place telling people stories which made no sense. One day, a jinn appeared and changed him into a camel saying,

"If you wish to speak loud and nonsensical words, then I give to you the right voice."

Which means that stupid men are like a camel. They make silly sounds, but no one will listen.


Quran 42, 22-23, which mean:
{22. You [Mohammed, can] see the wrong-doers [at their death hour] fearful of [the sins] that they have earned, the while the [punishment] will [inevitably] befall them.

And [you see] those who believe and work righteous [deeds, will] be in the lovely meadows of the Gardens, having what they wish [in the neighborhood] of their Lord [in the ethereal heavens]; such [grace] is the great surplus [of God for them.]

23. This [prosperity] is [that with] which God gives glad tidings to those – of His servants – who believe and work good [works.]

Say [Mohammed]: "I ask of you no [money as a] wage for [conveying the message and teaching the religious law], save ‘loving and being kind’ to [your] kinsfolk".

And whoso scores a good [work by showing kindness to his kinsfolk], We increase for him [the reward] thereof [in the Next Life.]

Surely God is Most Forgiving [to those kind and charitable], Most Grateful [to those expending on the poor and needy.]

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

And now, a story.

Moodah tells us that we must be one with the universe. It is best to meditate and give ourselves over to the energy that flows around and through us. An unbroken chain of synchronous power that connects everything and makes us one. We must find the harmony. When we do this, we can reject the bad or black energy that attempts to interrupt our serenity.

Learn from your surroundings. Even the sounds of a frog.


Quran 42: 24,which mean:
{24. Or will they say: "[Mohammed] has forged a lie against God [by claiming the apostle-hood"?]

But if God had so willed, He could have sealed upon your heart.

And [then] God erases the falsehood [suggestions, from your heart] and establishes [in your heart] the truth with His [revealed] words.

Surely He is All-Knowing about [what is in the hearts] that are in breasts.
.................................................. ..................

24 a The meaning: Had We known that you betray the trust and alter some of the revelation which We brought down to you, then We would have sealed upon your heart, so that you may not understand anything of the revelation, and We would have taken it from you.

But We know that you are truthful and sincere, so We make your heart readily prepared for receiving the revelation, so that you may understand it and recite it to them.

Moreover, if any suggestion of falsehood comes to you from a devil or a man, then God – be glorified – will remove it from you.

24 b Similar to this in meaning is His saying – be glorified – in the Quran 69: 44-46, which means:
(And if [Mohammed] had forged and attributed any sayings to Us, We would certainly have taken away [the revelation] from him by force, then We would have stopped the [continuous] revelations to him.)

It means: We would then have taken from him by force the previous revelation, then We would have curtailed for him the following revelation. (external - login to view)

Moodah says that the hatefulness within a man's heart comes from his selfish beliefs. Man is obsessed with and wrongly insists on many things. One of the ways he shows himself to be self absorbed are his attempts to explain and justify the ways of the universe.

For thousands of years, man has claimed intimate knowledge of nature and of self. This simply is not so. One cannot know everything. We learn continuously.

The worst people are the ones who insist that you must do as I say. Worship my idols. You must believe in the things that I believe in. I am right. You are wrong. If you do not, you will be killed.

These people are full of hate. Their vileness is a plague upon the planet and must be undone.
Quran 42: 25-28, which mean:

{25. It is He [God] Who accepts atonement of His [repenting] servants, and pardons the sins [of those who are kind to the poor and needy], and knows all [the good and evil] that you do [so He will reward you accordingly.]

26. And [God] answers [in the Next Life, the prayer of] those who believe and do righteous deeds, and gives them of His grace [more than what they request]; while non-believers will have a terrible chastisement.

27. Had God expanded the provision for [all] His servants [as do they ask for], they would have been insolent [being ungrateful and transgressors] in the earth,

but He sends down [the provision] according to a proper measure [with His wisdom] as He pleases.

Indeed, He is All-Aware and All-Seeing of His servants.

28. And it is He [: God] Who sends down the rain even after [people] have despaired [of sending it down], and [so He] spreads out His mercy [on earth]; He is the Patron [of His loyal servants], the All-Laudable [for His bounties.]}

More explanation is in the link: (external - login to view)

================================================== =================

Quran 42: 29-31, which mean:

{29. And of His signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and what He has spread abroad therein of beasts [: creatures moving on these planets], and He is All-Able to gather them if He wills.

30. Whatever affliction may visit you is [only a punishment] for [the sins and wrong-doing] that your own hands earn;

and He pardons many [of your sins and wrong-doing.]

31. You [idolaters and associaters] cannot disable [the messenger of God] in the earth.

And – apart from God - there will not be for you any patron, nor any helper.

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Islam is a destructive belief system, Nassir. Your hatefulness and wicked ways are a negative force upon the planet.

Moodah tells us a story of the hatefulness of some people who live upon the earth. Creatures so wicked and self absorbed that they destroy the beauty of nature.

This is the story of a muskrat.

Once upon a time, there was a muskrat who owned a pond. He was not very smart, but was lucky because his pond was the only water for several miles.

Muskrat was very slow witted and did not talk too much. That was because he rarely knew what to say.

As the sunny, summer days passed, more and more animals of the forest came to the pond to play. Mr. Rabbit, Mr. and Mrs. Duck, the Beaver twins and many others would lie in the sun on the shore or splash around in the water, enjoying the summer days with their friends.

A few of the animals appreciated his pond and would speak to him whenever they passed by. But not everyone stopped and said hello. Most of the animals were rude.

Muskrat might have wanted to speak up but was uncomfortable talking to the others.

Everything was wonderful for the first half of the summer. As August approached however, so many animals came to Muskrat's pond that the water began to smell. No one could take a drink and the air was heavy with a sour, musty smell. Garbage littered the shoreline. The trouble was that many of the animals that Muskrat allowed in the water weren't very clean.

One day Muskrat had enough. He started yelling and screaming and shouting at all the animals at the pond. "Get out! Get out!" he cried. "You all stink!"

Some animals just left. Some animals argued to stay. Most simply ignored him.

What was once a wonderful place to go and visit with friends had quickly spoiled. No one respected the pond. No one respected Muskrat. And sadly, Muskrat did not respect the pond either. He could not properly care for it or stop others from ruining things. The whole place had become uninhabitable and the water became stagnant. Everything smelled and slimy green algae floated on top of the once clear blue water.

One morning, Mink, one of the animals that used to frequent the pond, found Muskrat floating face down in the muck, dead. Mink just shook his head and pondered the irony.
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Quran 42: 32-35, which mean:

{32. And of His signs are [ships] that sail on the sea like 'high indicative marks'.

33. If He wills, He stills the wind, and the [ships] remain stationary on the [sea] surface.
Surely in that are [indicative] signs for every steadfast c and grateful [man.]

34. Or [God] makes the [ships] get lost, because of [the sins] that the [crew and passengers] have earned, but even He pardons much [of their sins, and so He does not hasten on their punishment.]

35. And that those who dispute about Our revelations may know then that they have no escape [from the sea save by God's will.]}

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Moodah tells us of the days before man when all creatures lived and breathed the fresh air of the earth. This was before bigotry and the foolishness of man. Animals live in harmony with the planet and all share a common goal: To live, enjoy life and be thankful for the gift of a lush, green world.

Moodah reminds us tthat we must live, laugh and love, just like the animals. Reject those who spoil the riches of nature. Peace be upon the ones in tune with their surroundings.
Bacon. Bacon is good.
Quran 42: 36-43, which mean:

{36. Whatever [material] thing you [people] have been given is only a [transient] comfort for the life of the World, but [the ethereal] that God has [in the ethereal heavens], is better and more lasting [than the matter is] for those who believe and put their trust in their Lord [to propagate and preach the Islam religion.]

37. And those who avoid major sins and the indecency [the adultery and homosexuality], and when they become angry, they forgive [those who anger them by their bad words.]

38. And those who responded to their Lord [when He invited them to believe and so they believed],
and keep up the prayers,
and they take counsel among themselves [about their affairs],
and who spend [on the poor and needy for the sake of God] out of [the provision] that We have provided for them.

39. And should a transgression befalls them [from their enemy], [they help each other to thwart him until] they will overcome [him.]

40. The requital of an evil act shall be with an act equal to it, but whoso relinquishes [his rights to his Muslim brother] and reconciles [between the opponents], his reward is due of God; He loves not wrong-doers.

41. But whoso seeks help of [some assistants against the wrong-doer] after a wrong [been done] to him; against such [assistants] there is no way [of punishment.]

42. The way to [requital] is justified only against those who wrong people and transgress [on them] on earth, without right; such [men] will have a painful chastisement [in the Next Life.]

43. And surely whoso forbears patiently and forgives [others]; such [forbearance and forgiveness] are [indeed] among the firm morale of the am'rs [: the angels.]}

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Your heart is so full of hate, Nassir. You worship a snake and listen to, and agree with the lies given to you second hand by a murderous pedophile. Your whole life is a sin. A lie. A waste of energy. You cannot win.

Moodah says that we should feel sorry for the disenfranchised and the slow witted. Look upon them as needing our help and understanding. Realize that they do not understand the bad words they speak, or the evil that they do to others.

If they cannot be helped by other men, then nature will do what she must. For nature nurtures. It cleans and regenerates. It is the circle of life.

That which cannot be made whole is put into the earth to be reborn again. This time, with the foulness removed.

Your electricity is also finished for the day, Nassir. Time to sleep. If nature is kind, you will wake up reborn.
Quran 42: 44-46, which mean:

44. Whomever God misguides [because of his wrong-doing to people], he [will] have no patron apart from [: God; to save him from the chastisement.]
And you shall see the wrong-doers when they see the chastisement [in the Barzakh [: the spirit world following death], saying, 'Is there any way of a return [to the life of the World ?]'

45. And you [will] see them, exposed to the [fire, in the Barzakh world or spirit world], humiliated and debased, and looking [to the fire] with a stealthy glance [because the soul cannot look to the sun due to its intense light and severe heat];
and believers [will] say [when they will see the condition of disbelievers]: “The losers in fact are they who lose themselves and their ‘wives and children’ on Doomsday;
surely the wrong-doers [will be] in a lasting chastisement.”

46. And they [will] have no patrons, apart from God, to help them.
And whomever God misguides [away from the truth], there is for him no way [to guidance.]

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

I wonder, Nassir, did nature put you here so that we could laugh? Perhaps she did.

Moodah tells us that nature loves beauty. We see many things around us that are unusual that she has put here. Unlike the foul, we are given flowers, the calls of birds and the sound of the wind through the trees. These and other things are soothing, and nature's lullabies.

Nature also has a sense of humour. (That's why she showed us you.)


Quran 42: 47-50, which mean:

47. [O people] respond to your Lord, before a day will come of which there will be no averting by God; there will be no shelter for you on that day; nor will have you any camouflage.

[Then God – be glorified – said:]

48. But if they turn away in aversion, [then know that] We have not sent you [Mohammed] a warder over them; you have only to convey [the message.]
And when We bestow on man a grace from Us, he becomes proud therewith, but if an evil afflicts them because of [the sins] that they themselves have done, man then is ungrateful [of bounties.]

49. To God belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth [: the planets including the earth]; He creates [therein] what [kinds of creatures] He pleases;
He offers the daughters to whom He pleases, and offers the sons to whom He pleases,

50. Or He couples them: [in equal number of] sons and daughters; and He makes whom He pleases barren.
Surely He is All-Knowing [about the advantage of His servants], All-Able [to create the son and the daughter.]

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

Your life seems to be meaningless, Nassir. You do not have the power to post, only cut and paste. That is sad. Nature created you with the idea that you should think and enjoy life. All you do is sit alone in your small apartment (your electricity allotment is almost up) and wait for death.

Moodah tells us that life is best spent walking among the living. It is at its peak when you leave your nest and see what nature has provided. Unlike the worm, who spends its days blind and crawling in the ground, man was given legs to walk. Eyes with which to see. Ears to hear. And a nose to appreciate the fragrances of the earth.

Go commune with nature. Embrace that which is freely given. Turn from the darkness.
Quran 42: 51-53, which mean:

[When the Prophet went to his people and told them about his apostle-hood, they said: “Did God speak to you and send you to us as an apostle?”; this aya was revealed in reply to them:]

51. It was not for any mortal that God should [directly] speak to him, unless [He might speak to him] by revelation, or from behind a veil, or He might send [an angel as] a messenger who would reveal by [God’s] leave what [revelation] He please; He is All-Exalted, Most Wise.

52. [Just as had We revealed to the prophets before you by a messenger out of the angels,] as such have We revealed to you [Mohammed by] a ghost [: Gabriel: the Trustworthy Ghost who is one] of Our am'r [: Our spiritual creatures.]
[Although before the revelation] you were not aware about the [heavenly] scripture and the faith.
But We have made the [Quran] a light, wherewith We guide those of Our servants whom We please.
And indeed you [Mohammed] do guide [people] to a 'standard and straight' way [of monotheism, which if they follow, will lead them to Paradise.]

53. The way of God, to Whom belongs [all] that is in the [ethereal] heavens [: the paradises], and [all] that is in the earth [as a whole.]
surely all souls [: lit. am'rs] will return to God [after death, and He will judge them justly.]

More explanation is at the link: (external - login to view)

By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 42 of the Quran is completed;
So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)

I wonder why Mohammad is spelled that way? In the middle of Mo- HAM - mad there is a get big porky thing.


Moodah reminds us that we must look for the humour in all things. For even a spider can make us laugh, if it dances!

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