The admonition in the Quran

Some atheists, in addition to some fanatic Jews, Christians and idolaters claim that the Quran is savage, wild, ruthless, and that it commands evil, raping, murdering and transgression ..etc.

But in fact, if we study the Quran carefully, we will discover the opposite is true: the Quran is full of wisdom, and it commands kindness, piety and righteousness.

God in the Quran commands the obedience and kindness to parents, and helping the weak and the kindred and the poor; and the Quran tells man to have honor and chastity and high level of manners, moral values, decency and virtues.


For more details:
The Conflict between the Torah and the Quran (external - login to view)
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And this is called, Taysiders in Space. Tayside is a region of Scotland. I will post the English translation shortly.



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And more explanation about these ayat is here: (external - login to view)

So these are fourteen commands, which if man follows will be successful in both the life of the World and in the Next Life, and he will go to Paradise in heaven.
It will lead him to become of higher spiritual values and decent conduct. (external - login to view) uccess

Early in his life, Moodah became friends with a macac. Mac Macac helped spread the word and truly defined the teachings of Moodah. Trust nature. It is all around us. Even inside us.

Here are the five tenets of Moo-dism.

1. Hurt no one.
2. Love everyone.
3. Help those in need.
4. Meditate, and be one with the universe.
5. Partake of the kush.

These simple teachings guide the followers of Moodah, whereever they go. Everyone understands the gentle nature and love of Moodah, unlike the inimical nature of the false prophets born in the Middle East.


You, Murphy and the other Ugly Zionists, are a temptation to people, like Satan was a temptation to Adam.
So the one who follows the temptation of Satan will lose, while the one who rejects the Satan suggestions and holds fast with God's commandments will prosper.

It may be for this reason, God gave a respite to Satan: to see who truly believes in the Next Life and who is in doubt about it.

Many years ago, Moodah and Mac were traveling along a long, dusty road, in search of water. The tale of Burkaville, often told by elder followers of Moodah, went something like this.

Ahhhhhhhhh! The ugly is strong in these ones!

Certainly, a short lesson, but take the words of Moohareshi Mahesh Yogurt to heart.

"In those countries where the burka is seen, do not be angry. Be joyful that the women are wearing them, and covered. For their countenance could rust the steel bumper off a '49 Buick. Avert your eyes, or turn to salt."

Wise words to live by.
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