Three worlds existing together

1-The material beings: man, animal, plant and the other material objects.
2-The invisible genies.
3-The invisible angels.

Each of these are a complete world by itself. So while the material world is so obvious, the other two are obscure, and people differ concerning their belief in the existence and what these two spiritual worlds are.

So here, the first of these two spiritual worlds will be discussed.

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The genies:
This word may be the most expressive; people may call them demons; while demons are the evil genies or devils.
Others mistakenly call them spirits or souls.
The word may be mixed with devils: while devils are only the disobedient rebellious genies.

The alive genies are like the alive humans; they include the righteous and the evil genies.
The bodies of genies are created out of gases, therefore, they are invisible.

Such description of genies has been explained by the inspired interpreter of the Quran and the Bible in unprecedented way:

All Jews, Christians, Muslims and others have ambiguous concepts about the genies and they name them by different names, and mix them up with other evil beings like the devils, or with souls, ghosts and spirits. (external - login to view)
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Three worlds coexisting, and each live on their own way of living, while we, the materials are not aware .. this is God's miracle.

1- Our material world with its solids and liquids .. we live the human beings and our animals, plants and objects.
2- The gaseous world: the world of genies: their bodies are created from gases, their objects and dwellings are of gases.
3- The ethereal or spiritual world: where the angels, the human souls and the genie souls and the spirits of animals and plants exist. (external - login to view)
No one cares about that horse shyte Self slop.
This video explains much about the mysterious genie world, in clear and unprecedented way, depending on the interpretation of Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly: the inspired interpreter: such information unknown to many people: Jews, Christians, Muslims and others.


There are no such things. More folklore from a liar. Nassir, if you believe in that sh!t, you can believe when the planes and drones start flying over you.

They will be delivering genie missiles.
I did not say they have the horse hoofs, but like the horse hoofs; i.e. in place of the foot of the human, they have the hoof like the horse hoofs.

My personal idea: it may be they run fast; and in fact they may not need the foot, while they live almost in the gaseous layers. This is only my idea.

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